Safe and effective breast enhancement with chicken fillets

We all know about the popularity of cosmetic surgery to enhance the breasts. However cosmetic surgery comes with real risks and adverse outcomes. Additional surgery may be required to remove the implant, scar tissue can form around the implant and squeeze the implant causing a risk of rupture which can lead to poisoning as well as pain in the area and nipple and breast sensation can change.

Whilst breast implants can certainly improve confidence we at Nuova Health believe the risks far outweigh the rewards. These risks are real and well documented as is evidenced by the recent implant scandal in the UK revolving around poor quality implant materials being used and the risk of severe outcomes due to these suddenly rupturing.

Thankfully there are safe alternatives to breast implant surgery. You don’t have to take any dangerous pills, do any strange massaging exercises or use any dangerous and bizarre contraptions such as vacuum pumps.

Chicken fillets are ultra soft silicone inserts that you place in the bra, they create an illusion of a larger and fuller breast, leaving a lasting impression of enhanced cleavage. No they are not permanent, but there is no danger, they are easy to use and you can enjoy the enhanced confidence without the risks of surgery.  Nuova Health sell only the best quality chicken fillets, they are backed up with a 1 year money back  guarantee meaning you have a full year to try our product and then if you are not happy to return them and get a full refund, no questions asked. We are that confident you will just love your new chicken fillets silicone breast enhancers. Chicken fillets are more affordable than surgery as well – get the same benefits as £2000 surgery by only spending £9.99 how is that for value for money?

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