• Featured

    Height Increasing Insoles

    • 2x High Quality Height Increasing Insoles Left and Right (4 Layered System)
    • The perfect option for boosting height and confidence
    • Total height gain using 4 layers = 3.5 Inches.
    • Out of sight and out of mind – These insoles fit discreetly inside your shoes so that nobody will know your wearing them!
    • Shock absorbing air cushion heel
    • Inbuilt arch and heel support specially designed to keep pressure and strain off your feet helping to treat and prevent common foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.
    • Comes with full 30 day money back guarantee.

    Height Increasing Insoles

  • Massaging gel insoles for high heels

    High heel gel insoles

    Wearing high heels can cause serious damage to your feet especially if you are required to wear them for long periods of time. Wearing a pair of these high heel insoles can help to take some of the strain and pressure off your feet and reducing your risk of developing foot injuries. These gel insoles have been designed to support your feet in a natural and comfortable position, correct functional problems, take unnatural load off key parts of your foot, stop your feet from pronating too much and absorbing shock that could otherwise damage your feet and heels.

    • 2x High Quality 3/4 Massaging Gel Insoles for High Heels (Left and Right).
    • Discreet and lightweight design.
    • Heel grip technology stop your feet from slipping around in your high heels.
    • Increases stability and balance reducing risk of foot and ankle sprains and strains.
    • Inbuilt arch support eases strains and tension off the plantar fascia (foot arch) and Achilles tendon.


  • Increase your height wihtout the need of wearing shoes with these shoe lifts

    In-Sock Height Increasing Arch Support Insole

    Now presenting a new innovation in our height increasing range of products. Are you annoyed that you can only be tall when wearing shoes? Want to be tall – ALL the time? Simple to use and highly effective, slip these inserts into your sock and walk taller. Secretive design means that nobody will ever know you are wearing them.
    Get all the usual benefits of height increase ranging from increased confidence to increased attention.
    Designed to increase height by an extra inch.

    You get:

    • 2x High-Quality In-Sock Height Increase Inserts
    • 30-day money back guarantee which means if you are not happy with your new pair of insoles you can simply send them back within 30 days of receiving them to get a full refund!
  • Knee support compression sleeveFeatured

    Knee Support Brace for knee pain relief


    NuovaHealth Elasticated Knee Supports provide firm support and underprop for the protection of the muscle joint. One size fits all without being restrictive on your freedom to move the joint. This NuovaHealth knee support brace helps to relieve pain and swelling of the knee muscle joint. This knee support is excellent for cold weather when knee pain often becomes worse as it traps warmth around the joint and stimulates blood flow.

    • 2x Firm Knee Support Braces (One for each leg).
    • Colour: Blue.
    • Size: Fits all.
    • For both men and women.



    Knee Support Brace for knee pain relief

  • Save £5.00

    Lower Back Lumbar Support Belt for Pain Relief and Posture Correction

    • 1x Infrared Magnetic Lower Back Support
    • 20 Magnets strategically placed around the lower back to deliver warmth and magnetic therapy.
      Orthotic compression supports your lower back in the correct position and helps to ease pain and boost injury recovery by increasing blood flow.
      Lightweight and discrete to wear.
    • Fits all sizes with adjustable neoprene strap.
    • For both men and women.
  • Back support brace

    Magnetic Back Support And Posture Corrector

    Nuova Health magnetic back supports help to realign your posture and ease back and shoulder pain through magnetic therapy; 5 magnets are aligned down the center spine and 6 across the lumbar region. Support straps around the front shoulders help to pull the shoulders back for correct posture.

    – Helps you to appear taller and straighter.
    – Easy to use, comfortable and light to wear underneath clothes. No discomfort or visibility.Attention

    If you have a spinal disorder or injury then please consult your physician before using this product. We accept no responsibility for any injury caused by this product.

  • Massaging Gel Heel Cups – Support cushion shoe inserts for heel pain


    These Gel heel cups have been made from soothing ultra soft silicone gel brings instant relief to painful heels.

    Designed to absorb any shock or impact on the heel leading to a relief in pressure on the area.

    Easy to wash.

    Fits all sizes.

    Enhanced shoe comfort.

    Ideal for people who are required to spend all day on their feet.

    Gives your heels and ankles more stability.

    Suitable for:

    Plantar Fasciitis,
    Achilles tendonitis,
    Painful heel,
    Pressure Ulcers,
    Heel Pain and Heel spur
    Knee and back pain,
    Ankle Pain

    You get:

    2x High-Quality Medical Grade Heel Cups
    30-day money back guarantee

  • Metatarsal Pads for Metatarsalgia (Ball of foot pain)

    These metatarsal pads protect the ball of your foot. The special medical grade gel is designed to absorb everyday shocks and vibrations and distributes pressure in the area thus reducing any pain and or discomfort.

    You get:

    2x High Quality Medical Grade Metatarsal Pads (1 for the left foot and 1 for the right foot).
    Includes full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

  • Orthotic support insoles

    Nuova shock absorbing comfort shoe insoles

    • 1x pair of shock absorbing insoles
    • Made from lightweight durable shock absorbing EVA material
    • These insoles are the perfect choice for wearing whilst running or playing sports
    • Active carbon-fiber design for odor protection.
    • Breathable holes keep your feet feeling fresh and stops the build up of bacteria.
    • Inbuilt arch support helps to reduce strain and pressure on your arches.
    • Corrects the way your feet function and prevent biomechanical imbalances that can damage and injure your feet.
    • Full 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

    Nuova shock absorbing comfort shoe insoles

  • NuovaHealth full length orthotic foot support insoles


    Keep your feet protected with a pair of our new and innovative foot support insoles! These insoles have been specially developed by our team of foot experts to help support your feet in the optimum position! They will help to eliminate any bio-mechanical problems that you might have affecting your feet and have been made from the very best EVA shock absorbing materials which will not only protect your feet but also your legs, knees, hips and back from excessive strain and pressure.
    Main features

    • 1x pair of foot support insoles
    • Available in UK shoe sizes 6-8 and 9-12
    • These full length insoles have been made to support your whole foot. By realigning and adjusting the positioning of your foot during the gait cycle these insoles will help to improve the way that your foot functions. This will help to reduce strain and pressure on your feet when you walk and reduce your risk of foot and lower limb injuries.
    • They have been made using light weight EVA material that will absorb shock.
    • Inbuilt arch support will support your arches and correct common muscle and bio-mechanical imbalance linked to foot strain, pain and injury.
    • Features memory foam layer for enhanced shoe comfort
    • Heel grips keep stop your feet from slipping around inside your shoes reducing your risk of developing blisters, bunions and other foot problems.
    • Breathable holes help to keep your feet feeling fresh and odor free.
    • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Shock absorbing insoles for runningFeatured

    NuovaHealth shock absorbing arch support insoles


    Why choose these shock absorbing insoles?
    Designed to help treat and prevent the main causes of foot aches and pain including injuries such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, foot drop, Achilles tendonitis. All orders come complete with a full 30-day money back guarantee for customer peace of mind.

    Main features

    • 1x pair of arch support insoles that help support your feet in a natural and comfortable position to keep strain and pressure off your lower limbs when you walk
    • Available in UK shoe sizes 6-8 and 9-12
    • Inbuilt arch support helps to keep pressure off your arch as well as correct common functional problems such as overpronation which can lead to injuries such as plantar fasciitis to develop
    • Designed to absorb as much shock as possible helping to protect you against foot aches, shin splints and knee pain
    • Metatarsal pads help to protect the ball of your foot helping you to avoid metatarsalgia
    • Memory foam top layer helps to keep your feet feeling more comfortable in your shoes
    • Heel cup keeps your foot and heel in place giving you more stability and reducing your risk of injury
    • Lightweight and breathable construction makes them ideal for wearing whilst running or playing sports
    • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Orthotic knee support braceSave £5.00

    Open Patella Knee Support Brace


    Knee pain can be debilitating and stop you from leading an active life but it doesn’t always have to be this way. The Nuova Health adjustable knee support has been specially designed to provide comfort and support to a troubled knee. Made from the highest grade Neoprene for superior comfort, its purpose is to support an injured knee during recovery, relieve pressure and pain whilst also not limiting freedom of movement. Our knee supports give you the chance to get up and go and enjoy an active recovery.

    You get:
    2x Open Patella Knee Support Brace (1 for each leg)

    Colour: Black.
    Material: Medical grade Neoprene.

    Size: Fits all. Adjustable with velcro strap.
    For both men and women.



    Open Patella Knee Support Brace


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