Level Up Your Running: Effective Tips to Run Faster

Here are some really great and hopefully helpful running tips for you to try out for yourself.

Good form is the most important thing when running; even if you aren’t trying to run faster having good running form is needed to prevent injury. For good running form you need to have tall posture as though a string is pulling the top of your head upwards but keeping your upper-body relaxed too whilst you run. Good form means the middle of your foot when striking the ground be positioned just under your hips making sure that your arms don’t swing side to side but back and forth as you run.. This is how your running form should be! If you are not used to running like this it may feel unnatural to begin with but your body will soon get used to it and you will be running in good form in no time and much faster too!

Time yourself and make sure you keep count of how many strides you take when you run. A study has shown that the best runners who run the most efficiently and quickest are those who take 180 strides a minute. The trick is not to take long strides and to keep your feet close to the ground as you run. Quick and simple steps!

High intensity cardio is important and won’t take up a lot of your time. High intensity exercises like cycling as fast as you can for a minute or so is a really effective way to build strength and get the heart beating fast. High intensity exercises are done by all the major runners to improve their speed.

Treadmills help you to slowly build your speed from a steady walking pace to a full on sprint, treadmills are a great piece of equipment for runners letting the runner be in charge by setting the pace and even the incline.

Mix up your pace. Sprint for one minute jog the next then when you get used to jogging quickly sprint again and try to catch your body off guard. Changing pace like this is known as “fartleks” (Swedish) and helps to build endurance and stamina and a great cardio workout that keeps your body guessing!

Lightweight running shoes and insoles, now you can super lightweight running footwear that helps by reducing weight from the foot when you run but will still give you that arch support and shock absorption whilst you run!

Breathe faster and more effectively! Breathing is important it give oxygen to your cells helping them to create energy and prevent the build-up of painful lactic acid.

Extra resistance to build up running strength. To build up the muscles used to run you need to push them with added resistance; there are a number of ways to do this for example running with a weighted backpack or even you can buy running parachutes that have been made to create wind resistance behind you making running a lot harder but will build up your strength in your muscles so when you run without the extra resistance it will be easier and you will be much faster. Hill running also builds strength in your running muscles as the steep incline creates a type of resistance that must be overcome.

Core muscle workouts can be a great way to run faster; use sit-ups and press ups which develop the core muscles. Core muscle workouts should be done each day but don’t take up that much time 10 minutes at most!

If you want to become a good runner then we recommend a good night sleep and rest. If you over work your muscles then they may become exhausted and your body needs time to recover and repair itself that is why rest is important!

Yoga does a lot of things (like helping you grow taller) among those things that yoga will help with is to increase flexibility loosening the joints will help you feel more relaxed and because yoga helps with posture too you will have better form whilst running.

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