The importance of good knee mobility health

Mobility and flexibility in the knees can be improved upon through daily knee stretches. Not only that but doing simple stretches each day can also help you to correct form and prevent tightness and strain on the knees which can help to prevent injury.

Immobility, pain and stiffness of the knees may be down to several reason for instance muscles and bio mechanical imbalances , tightness and irritation of the tendons found in your knees which have all been linked to poor posture, a whole host of over-use injuries and an increased chance of twisting and damaging the ligaments in the knees and legs. All of these things can affect your lifestyle and health as a result.

Stretching exercises can help bring back mobility to your knees and help them to function correctly and safely!

Balance within our knees is important, your knee joints are complex hinges that need to strike a balance otherwise imbalances can result in ligament tightness, sprains and damage.

Exercise and stretches are often used with helping the recovery of a wide variety of injuries such as knee osteoarthritis to help better control inflammation and minimise tightness around the knee that can worsen arthritis pain.

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