Taking up sport in the new year? You may need sports insoles

If you are involved in athletics then you can benefit from the use of sports insoles. Sports insoles offer reduced risk of injury and improve performance.

Running is an example of an activity that can be improved by the use of sports insoles. Running is extremely popular due to the high amount of calories it burns, the ease in which you can take part and the improvement in your cardiovascular health however running comes with risks. When your foot hits the ground the force generated is equal to 5x your body weight and this force is transmitted throughout the foot and up the legs and into your lower back. This force is then repeated over and over again as you run. The problem is that over time it results in strain on the knee joints and the lower back resulting in pain.

Sports insoles benefit you by absorbing the shock as you hit the ground. The impact is reduced and so straining is reduced. Sports insoles also come with a specially designed arch support. The arch support is an orthotic feature. The orthotic creates an extra cushioning effect on the foot which will alleviate conditions such as flat foot (that can be made worse by running) and help to create an optimal and mechanically efficient posture further reducing pain in the knees and the lower back.

In conclusion many people take up running and athletics as part of their new year’s resolution and we fully support this as it offers tremendous health benefits. Nuova Health however caution new runners because running is a high impact activity you can make certain conditions worse. Sports insoles can reduce the risk of injuring yourself so you can enjoy all the benefits of running or sport and not have to suffer any of the downsides.

Nuova Health sell high quality insoles designed for all types of conditions. We recommend you take a look at our sports insoles.

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