What type of knee brace should you buy?

Welcome to your go-to guide for knee braces! If you’ve been experiencing discomfort in your knee, or just looking for enhanced support for your day-to-day activities, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post aims to shed light on the intricate world of knee braces, guiding you on how to make the best choice for your individual needs.

Purchasing a knee brace isn’t as simple as picking out the first one you see. There are various things to consider to ensure that the brace you choose is perfectly tailored to your needs. From understanding the different types of injuries and conditions it can address, to knowing which materials offer the best quality, and even understanding the level of compression and support required, selecting the perfect knee brace can be a daunting task.

That’s where we come in! Here at NuovaHealth, your well-being is our priority. Our range of knee braces has been meticulously designed and crafted by experts, using high-quality medical-grade materials. Whether you are dealing with Anterior Collateral Ligament injuries, Medial Collateral Ligament injuries, Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease (OSD), Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS), or more, our products cater to a wide array of conditions.

But it’s not just about the product. We believe in providing a seamless shopping experience with guaranteed satisfaction. Our 30-day money-back guarantee stands as a testament to this commitment. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Our checkout process is secure and swift, using trusted payment methods. We take your privacy very seriously, and rest assured that your data is safe with us. If you have any queries or need any assistance, our team is always ready to be of service. Just reach out to us via our contact page, and we’ll gladly assist you.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into each of these aspects, helping you make an informed decision about the best knee brace for your needs. Remember, the key to a great knee brace is one that not only supports and protects but also lets you move with ease and comfort.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find here at NuovaHealth – the perfect blend of support, protection, and comfort, all encased in our expertly designed knee braces. Let’s get started on this journey to finding your ideal knee brace!

Our pick of the Best Knee braces & supports to buy for knee pain and injury

Hinged Knee brace for men and women

Hinged knee Brace for ACL injuries

First on our list of what knee braces to buy is this ACL knee brace that has been carefully designed and created by KneeReviver™. This knee brace helps to better support and protect your Anterior cruciate ligament and is a great choice if you have sustained an ACL injury to speed up and improve your injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Featuring two hinged side stabilizers that hold and immobilize your knee joint and prevent movement which can cause further strain and damage to your injured knee. The silicone gel kneepad will also help to provide extra protection and support to your kneecap patella tendon improving patella tracking and mobility to prevent you from getting injured. If you have already sustained an injury then wearing this knee brace can help to improve and speed up your recovery of whole range of different knee injuries and conditions including Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries as well Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injuries, Arthritis of the knee, Chondromalacia or irritated kneecap, Patellar tendon sprains or strains, Menisci (cartilage injury), Osgood Schlatter disease and more!

Compression Knee sleeves for men & women

2x Compression Knee Support Sleeves

Next on our list are these compression knee support sleeves that are perfect for people who have sustained a knee injury or for those who love to play sports and want extra support and protection against injury. Highly rated and recommended by our customers these knee sleeves provide soothing compression to your knees that has been proven to ease aches and pain and increase your mobility. The compression that these sleeves provide will also help to boost the flow of oxygen rich blood to your knees helping promote the natural healing process of damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and swelling and prevent muscle fatigue when exercising.

Knee straps for tendonitis

Patella Tendon Knee Straps for Tendonitis

This pair of Patella Tendon Knee Straps are ideal for protecting, supporting and easing your knees if you are suffering from tendonitis. They have been designed with runner’s and sports professionals in mind and are lightweight, non-bulky and easy to strap around your knees. By providing compression to your patella tendon wearing these straps can help to improve the flow of oxygen rich blood to your knee joints helping repair damaged tissue, ease inflammation and swelling, improve muscle and injury recovery and provide deep targeted pain relief. The inbuilt silicone gel pad will also help to soothe your patella tendon, improve tracking and proprioception and protect you from excessive strain, pressure shock and ultimately injury.

compression patella Knee brace for sports and running

Patella Knee Support Brace for Running & Sports

This Patella knee support brace is a great option to choose if you are a runner or an athlete and want to protect your knees from injury. With fully adjustable knee wraps that strap around your knee joint you can quickly and easily change the level of support and compression that the brace provides. This will enable you to target aches and pain more effectively than other braces. This knee support brace also has specially designed metal support springs on each side of the brace. These springs will help to hold your knee joint in the correct position and prevent movement which could cause injury.

Recommended by Physiotherapists you can wear this knee brace to help treat and prevent a range of different injuries and conditions such as ACL, PCL & MCL knee injuries, Patella tendonitis, Runners & Jumpers knee, Meniscus Tear, Patellar tendon sprains and strains, Chondromalacia or irritated kneecap, Gout, Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis.

1x pair of Knee compression sleeves for running and sports

Sport Knee Support Compression Sleeves For Men & Women

This pair of knee support sleeves utilize an array of orthotic technologies to help better support, compress and protect your knees. They are an excellent choice for wearing whilst running exercising or carrying out your daily activities to help you avoid wear and tear and injury to your knee joints. Recommended by Physiotherapists you can wear these knee sleeves to help treat and ease injuries and conditions such as Arthritis, Osgood Schlatter Disease, ACL Knee injuries, Patella Tendonitis, Meniscus Tears, Chondromalacia Runners & Jumpers knee and more!

Featuring metal springs side stabilisers these knee sleeves will hold your knee joint in the correct position and restrict movement such as twisting to prevent damage to your knee joint. They also provide graduated compression that helps stimulate blood flow to your knees helping promote healing of damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and swelling and ease pain. These knee sleeves because they help to increase the flow of blood to your knees can also be worn during exercise to supply fresh oxygenated blood to your legs to stop muscle fatigue and promote muscle recovery allowing you to train faster and harder for longer.

Knee wraps for men and women

1x Pair of Knee Wraps for exercise

Knee wraps are a fast and effective way of providing a custom level of support and compression to your knees to help protect you from injuries and ease pain. Used and recommended by Physiotherapists you can wear them to help treat and prevent injuries such as ACL, PCL and MCL knee injuries, Patella tendonitis, Meniscus Tear, Runners and Jumpers knee, Chondromalacia or irritated kneecap, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Patellar tendon sprains and strains. Knee wraps are made from lightweight, breathable and stretchy material making them ideal for sports and exercise use such as squatting and weightlifting.

Highly rated by our customers you can wear a pair of our knee wraps to reduce pressure and strain off the knee joint and helps to improve knee stability and function to prevent future injuries. Not only can you wrap them around your knees, but they are also multifunctional meaning you can also wrap them around other parts of your body such as your ankles, calves, elbows and shoulders to provide support and relief where you need it the most quickly and easily.

Running Knee brace for men and women

Sports Knee Brace with silicone gel Kneepad and adjustable straps

This Sports Knee brace has been designed by KneeReviver™ to help ease aches and pains, prevent injuries from occurring and improve the overall function and mobility of your knee. This sports knee brace provides a good level of support and helps prevent movement which can cause wear and tear damage and injury to your knee joint. Many of our customers will wear this brace whilst out running, or whilst exercising or playing sports you can also wear the brace during your daily activities to help protect your knee from injury or for injury recovery or rehabilitation.

By providing your knee with soothing compression this brace can be worn to ease your pain, reduce inflammation and swelling and increase the circulation of blood to your knee to aid with the healing of damaged tissue if you are suffering from an injury. Wearing this brace can also help prevent muscle fatigue and help with muscle recovery wen exercising and playing sports thanks to the boost of the flow of oxygen rich blood to your knee that this brace gives you allowing you to train harder, faster and longer. The adjustable straps wrap around your knee joint holding the brace securely in place and allow you to quickly and easily adjust not only the fitting but also the level of support and compression the brace provides allowing you to target and ease pain effectively.

Copper knee support braces for running

Copper Knee Support Braces For Running

These Copper Knee Support Braces for Running are ideal for people who are suffering from aches and pains and want quick and effective relief. These support sleeves provide an incomparable level of support and compression that will help to reduce strain and pressure off your knees to prevent injury and will also help ease aches and pains deep within your knee joint. Due to the fact that these knee support sleeves are made from a high-quality blend of Copper and Nylon it means that they help to prevent the build-up of bacteria and germs and keep your legs feeling fresher for longer when wearing them.

Hinged Acl Knee support brace

Plus Size Hinged Knee Brace for people with larger legs

People who are overweight are more susceptible to knee injuries and problems due to the excessive weight and pressure that is placed on their knee joints. Having larger legs can also pose a problem when it comes to finding the right knee brace as many knee braces are tailored towards the average sized leg with few designed for catering for people with larger leg sizes. However, this Plus size Hinged Knee Brace has been made for people with larger leg sizes and has been designed to support and compress and protect your knee just as well as any other conventional knee brace.

This knee brace is ideal for anyone who has sustained an injury to help protect, support and compress your knee joint and speed up and improve your injury recovery. Featuring two hinged knee stabilizers this knee brace will hold your knee in the correct position to prevent movement from causing injury. By providing extra support this brace provides will also help to prevent excessive weight and pressure from causing damage to key ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones in your knee. The compression that this brace provides will help to boost the supply of blood to your knee helping to repair damaged tissue, reduce swelling and inflammation and ease pain if you have sustained an injury.

Comparing the different types of knee braces available:

If you are still confused on what you should buy… Here is our summary of the different types of Knee braces, how they differ and what scenario is best for wearing them:

Neoproene braces

Neoproene is a lightweight and stretchy material ideal for knee supports as they will adapt and shape according to your specific knee shape providing targeted compression and support exactly where you need it most. Neoproene braces and supports are the most worn and are sold by NuovaHealth. You can find them here.

Hinged braces

Hinged braces offer rigid stabilized support to the knee. Hinged braces are designed to limit particular motion and movement in the knee and are often worn straight after knee surgery.

Knee straps

Knee straps are a lightweight, quick and effective way for runner to help elevate pain in their kneecap which can be brought on by injuries such as runners’ knee, tendinitis and Osgood Schlatter’s disease which runners commonly develop due to the high amount of stress and shock they put the tendons in their knees.

Knee straps go around the knee cap and through compression and support help to relieve painful symptoms and some can help to absorb shock and keep the knee positioned correctly reducing tightness and stress which may contribute to injury.

ACL knee injuries

An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury can cause your knees to be weakened and affected so the knee functions not how they used to or should do. You may find that your once injured knee is unstable and cannot support your weight as well this can also increase your risk of recurrence of injury as the Anterior Cruciate Ligament will not only be weakened and less flexible for stretching and twisting; the supporting knees will also be weakened through inactivity. This is why knee supports are so widely used after an injury. Orthotic supports are also used in sport to help prevent injury and to improve function and efficiency of the knee and leg.

For rehabilitation

Knee braces and supports worn for rehabilitation after ACL knee injury surgery has been shown to help improve function, flexibility and range of movement as well as preventing the injury reoccurring. It is thought that 87% of orthopaedic surgeons recommend knee braces after surgery. However, it is really important to remember that you should not get back into playing sports too soon and that this is crucial in preventing reoccurring injury. Making sure that you only start playing again only when your injured knee can function 90% as good as your un-injured knee.

For sport

The majority of runners during their running career will succumb to a knee injury (at least once if they are lucky). Many knee injuries can be a prevalent problem with knee pain coming back time after time this is because often ligaments and tissues in the knee can become permanently damaged and weakened and this is why knee supports are so appreciated in the running world.

Many sport professionals will wear a knee support because of the improved proprioception (improved muscle and body part awareness and coordination) that the supports often help to give them. With better sense of the function, movement and positioning of the knees which in turn can help keep your knees and legs gain more stability as well as helping you stay aware of how and where your knee is positioned which can help to prevent injury from twisting and turning in a way that could cause damage which can cause not just ACL injuries but other types of knee injuries too.

Better proprioception also helps you better understand your limits and how far you can push yourself stopping you from straining and overusing your ligaments in your knee. Knee supports aren’t just good for better overall awareness of your knees but also to help prevent tightness in your ligaments such as your anterior cruciate ligament as well as your Iliotibial Band. Tightness in your ligaments can cause tension and increased friction making you more susceptible to overuse and straining and pulling these ligaments especially if you are playing sport where there will be sudden jolts, shocks and stretching and movement. Knee supports help through compression helping to correct bio-mechanical imbalances that may result in tension and this tightness in your ligaments. Knee supports and braces have also been proven to help correct form and function in people’s knee helping them to maintain good form and function of the knee which can drastically reduce risk of sprains, overuse injuries and damage to the knee.

Not only all of that but force applied to the ACL when wearing them is also reduced this considerably helping to minimize reoccurrence of ACL injuries on a weakened ACL.

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