The theory behind pinhole glasses

If an object is viewed through a pinhole (a very small hole) the image will be seen clearly. To demonstrate this point cup your fingers against your thumb to create a small hole and then place this small hole in front of your eye, keep adjusting the size of the hole and eventually you will find that the image you see is clear. How does this work?

It is due to the fact that only coherent light rays are able to pass through the hole meaning that the blur circle found normally in the out of focus eye is reduced to the clear point normally seen if the eye was in focus. So long as there is no impairment of the retina or no opacity of the eye the object appears clear. However one small pinhole leads to a small and dim image, but by using many pinholes we can enlarge the image.

The resulting image is a sort of compromise, it allows you to see clearly but the result is a kind of insect vision with multiple images and as you change your focus there can be a flicker. As you get used to wearing pinhole glasses you will find that your eyes can relax thus reducing strain. In theory it is the strain that causes your eyesight to get worse, by reducing strain we allow the eyes to improve.

Pinhole glasses can thus be used as part of an overall eyesight improvement regime.

If you are interested in eyesight improvement we recommend doing more research into the Bates Method and also purchasing a pair of our pinhole glasses. All our items come with a 1 year money back guarantee meaning you have plenty of time to try our products and if you don’t like them then just return them.

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