The main benefits of orthotics

Walking, every day physical activities and sports can cause inconceivable strain on bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. These various strains can result in pain, if everyday activities because you pain then it may be time to consider using orthotics to help alleviate it.

Orthotics or orthopaedic devices are used to facilitate optimal biomechanics by either correcting or compensating for parts of the body not functioning properly. Biomechanics is all about correct posture and optimal efficiency whilst moving, optimal efficiency is the natural movement of your body that minimizes pain and wearing of ligaments, muscle and bone. Orthotics can assist with movement and aid in the rehabilitation and prevention of injury. For an example on how biomechanics work consider poor alignment caused by flat foot. Poor alignment will mean people lean forward whilst stood up, this can cause back pain. You can see how problems in one area of the body can cause pain in another area of the body as you now have a bad back as well as foot pain. All this could have been corrected by orthotic insoles with an arch support, the arch supports the foot and causes optimal realignment correcting back strain and relieving pain in the back.

Orthotic insoles reduce stress and fatigue on the feet. Orthotics increase motion control and also correct body alignment. The shock absorption properties of orthotics minimize problems that occur due to the hard flat surfaces typical of modern civilization.

NuovaHealth stock all kind of orthotic devices aimed at improving various conditions as well as specially designed for special situations. We have sports insoles, arch support insoles and insoles for plantar fasciitis. Orthotics don’t have to be expensive either, we source the finest orthotics and make them available to you at affordable prices. We have also included our money back guarantee – meaning you can try our orthotics and if they are not for you, you can return them within a year and get a full refund. How is that for a guarantee?

What orthotic insoles to buy?

Remember, we are always more than happy to help. If you have any questions regarding our insoles or just need helping picking the right ones for you then please dont hesitate to get in touch with us.

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