Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is one of the main causes of elbow pain. So what exactly causes tennis elbow? Tennis elbow has been linked to extended time periods of gripping activities and is common amongst tennis players as they grip their racket hard for long periods of time.

The pain is most prominent down the sufferers forearm; a way to detect tennis elbow is to straighten the arm whilst you move your hand back towards your wrist.

If you suffer from serious tennis elbow a doctor may prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs the doctor will also advise you to have a rest from any sports which may cause further aggravation to the condition.

Compression straps are often used by people who suffer from tennis elbow these straps allow the sufferer to live a more active lifestyle whilst recovering from tennis elbow and help to support the elbow increasing recovery time and even reduce pain and symptoms associated with tennis elbow.

You can also aid the recovery from tennis elbow by using exercises to help re-strengthen the muscles around the elbow.

Most people do make a full recovery after suffering from tennis elbow.

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