Sudden onset knee pain causes and rehabilitation

You may suddenly experience pain in one or both of your knees and be wondering why this may be. This article hopes to explain some of the common causes of knee pain and what to do about it. Most knee pain is due to overuse of the knee or sudden impact injuries to the knee area. The joint of the knee is susceptible to injury because the full weight of the body is applied to it day in and day out. Knee pain is also more common in overweight people due to the increased pressure excess weight causes the knees to hold.

Knee pain may just be due to a strain of the muscles, this means that tissue surrounding the knee joint has found itself in a stretched position that results in pain but not damaged. Recovery from strains injuries require rest until the pain goes away. Do not try to exercise through the pain as you may cause more damage and turn a minor strain into something more serious.

Knee pain can be avoided in future through proper stretching and warming up before exercise and managing exercise activity levels so that activity is gradually introduced over time. Suddenly jumping into a high volume intense exercise regime can cause previously immobile joints and ligaments to sprain easily.

Another common cause of knee pain is anterior pain syndrome. This is pain that occurs around the front of the knee. The causes of the pain are not well understood but rest and icepacks are effective methods to combat this type of knee pain. It is also believed this knee pain may be caused by muscular imbalances caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Bodyweight squats are a good exercise to do once recovered that will strengthen the knee and help you to avoid this type of pain in future.

Another cause of knee pain is known as menisci damage. The menisci are rubber like pads that sit between the upper and lower bones of the leg. When the menisci become damaged it causes painful rubbing between the bones. Operations may be required to repair the menisci.

Finally another common cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis Is a condition that describes the degradation of the joints resulting in pain. This is most common in the elderly. If you think that your pain is being caused by osteoarthritis then it is recommended that you speak to your GP.

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