Shoe Lifts: A Secret way to gain more height!

Ever wanted to make yourself look taller? In this article we will be discussing how you can make yourself appear taller quickly, easily and secretly by wearing a pair of Shoe lifts. We will also be comparing the best shoe lift available for you to buy which will provide you with the most benefit for your particular needs.

Height is a more important aspect in our lives than we may first think. Height can influence other people’s first impression of you; therefore, you will have far greater chances of success in job interviews or anywhere else where first impressions are important if you are a little bit taller.

Now it may sound impossible at first that you can actually increase your height, but you can, and this can be done quite easily too. Often when you think of increasing your height you will usually think of growing taller by eating a protein rich diet to give your body what it needs to grow but this is all well and good for the people who are still growing but what about getting taller when you have stopped growing what then? Surely it is impossible right? Wrong. You can still increase your height by stretching and wearing some of our insoles will help you do just that.

Firstly, let me mention about stretching exercises. Stretching exercises are really great for helping you get good posture and maintain it. With good posture your spine and joints will be under less pressure which will help you better avoid joint and bone problems and conditions like arthritis or stress fractures. From stretching exercises you can expect to gain a couple inches overtime if you keep up the stretches each day and maintain good posture, as stretching exercises work by strengthening the muscles that support the joints and spinal vertebra meaning your joints and spine will be less compact together from the effect that gravity has on our bodies (overtime as we get older and our muscles and joints get weaker the effect that  gravity has on us is far greater as our bodies are weaker than they used to be to help combat the effects).

Stretching exercises will make you taller but will take a lot of commitment and time. Every day you must keep up doing the stretching exercises and be aware of your posture constantly making sure you do not slouch or hunch. However, what if you want height right now? Or you don’t have the time to do stretching exercises each day or you have excellent posture and want even more height? Some shoe lift insoles are just what you need then! Shoe lifts will give you the extra height from working by elevating your heels secretly and because shoe lifts are secret means people wear them and others have no idea that they are wearing shoe lifts at all that is pretty cool if you ask me. Shoe lifts give people who have either stopped growing or people who want to be taller right now a chance to be the height they want whenever they feel like it. Simple and easy to put in your shoes being taller has never been so easy and because nobody will ever see the insoles you have no awkward moment where people work out that you’re wearing them which cannot be said for those who wear elevator shoes as with elevator shoes it is pretty obvious with the tall heel and all.

Doing the right stretching exercises (like Yoga or Pilates) and with the added and instant height that you are able to get from wearing shoe lifts will no doubt help you feel much more confident in yourself and gain the edge needed to succeed in life and business.

There are loads of reasons why you might want to be taller, being taller will surely help boost your confidence, improve your social life and job prospects all in one! So, it’s up to you… do you want this?

What are the best Shoe lifts & Height increasing insoles to buy?

Height increasing shoe lift insoles

Adjustable Gel Shoe lifts – Only £11.99

First on our list are these adjustable gel shoe lifts. They work by stacking the gel layers on top of each other allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the height of your heels. By wearing these shoe lifts inside your shoes, you can expect to increase your height by as much as 1.5″ inches with all of the layer stacked together. These shoe lifts are also lightweight and ever so discreet to wear making them a perfect option for slipping inside just about any type of shoes for an instant and secret boost in height.

These shoe lifts don’t just increase your height they can also be used to help treat a number of different foot and lower limb injuries too. For example, you can wear these shoe lifts to help correct leg length discrepancies, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Achilles tendonitis, Shin Splint and even Arthritis.

The silicone gel that these lifts are made from will help to protect your feet from shock, ease pressure and strain off key ligaments and tendons and soothe aches and pains by massaging and stimulating your feet when you walk. This makes these lifts ideal for injury recovery or simply for people who are busy on their feet and must stand for long periods on hard surfaces.

Height increasing insoles for shoes and boots

Height Increasing Insoles by HeightBoosters™ – Only £16.99

Next on our list are these Height increasing insoles designed by HeightBoosters™. These simple yet effective insoles can be worn to make yourself as much as 3.5 inches taller when all of the stacks are on top of each other.

Thanks to the orthotic support that these insoles provide they are a lot more comfortable to wear than other height increasing insoles or Cuban shoes. This is because they support your feet in the correct position and ease tension and strain off key ligaments in your feet such as your plantar fascia ligament helping you to avoid nasty overuse injuries such as Plantar fasciitis and foot pain. The air cushion heels will also protect your heels and lower limbs by absorbing shock and spreading pressure evenly underneath your feet as you walk.

Please note due to how bulky these insoles are we do not suggest that you wear them inside low-top shoes such as trainers. Instead, we recommended wearing them inside boots

Heightboosters shoe lift inserts for height

Height Increasing Heel Lifts by HeightBoosters™ – Only £11.99

These heel lifts are ideal for giving yourself an instant boost in height and because they are hidden inside your shoes nobody will know you are wearing them to make yourself look taller. Expect to gain as much as 40mm quickly and safely with all the layer stacked on top of each other when wearing these heel lifts.

Made from high quality silicone gel with a honeycomb design these heel lifts are extremely comfortable to wear. The support and cushioning that these heel lifts provide your feet will help protect them from injury. The soothing silicone gel will also help massage your feet and protect them from shock and impacts when you walk and prevent aches and pains when you are stood for long periods of time on hard surfaces. This makes these heel lifts a much better option to wear than elevator shoes or high heels of which can damage your feet and make it obvious that you are trying to increase your height.

You can even wear these heel lifts to not only boost your height but also help correct Leg Length Discrepancy and treat injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis!

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