Sports Insoles

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You get:

  • 2x High-Quality Sports Insoles (Left and Right foot).


  • Designed specially to protect your feet from damage whilst playing Sports.
  • Made from highly durable and shock resistant materials for better protection against shock.
  • Inbuilt arch support eases pressure off your arches and corrects the way your foot functions by supporting your feet in the right position when you walk or run.
  • Features heel cup technology that will improve heel comfort and stability.
  • Added metatarsal support pads help protect and support the balls of your feet.
  • 30-day money back guarantee ensures you have nothing to lose if you find that the insoles aren’t right for you!

Help to keep your feet protected and supported whilst you play sports with a pair of these Sports insoles!

What are Sports Insoles?

Sports insoles are special orthotics designed to complement and promote optimal biomechanics in your foot. Your feet are vitally important in sports as it is through your feet that you move by running and poor biomechanics in the foot can lead to sub-optimal performance as well as aggravate existing injuries or create new injuries over time.

Why Nuova Health Sports Insoles?

The insoles that come with your trainers are most likely cheap and poorly made, ineffective and causing you injury. If you are serious about sports or do a lot of running then we recommend you throw the ones that come with your trainers out and get yourself some properly designed sports insoles. Nuova Health sports insoles are high quality, affordable and effective at helping to prevent and treat injury.

Our sports insoles contain an arch support that promotes optimal biomechanical positioning of the foot helping to keep your foot in the ‘correct’ shape. The support also helps to cushion the foot and absorb shock and reduce stress on your joints. They help to alleviate and prevent pain in the heel and the arch of the foot. Enhanced shock absorption is required if you are pounding the pavements, road surfaces are hard unnatural surfaces that cause too much strain on the joints. Sports insoles help you to run harder, further and for longer.

Our sports insoles also support and help to spread the metatarsal head via a metatarsal button. Thus our sports insoles can treat metatarsal injuries such as metatarsalgia or act to prevent metatarsal injury.

Improves stability – Our insoles just feel great to run and walk in.

Improves running performance.

Unisex and fits all sizes simply trim them down to reach your desired size – maximum size 10.

For every day and/or sporting use.

Easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

Nuova Health sports insoles are made of Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA.)



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£9.74£12.99 (-25%)inc VAT

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