Morton’s Neuroma Pads With Gel Cushion & Metatarsal Support

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  • 1x pair of Mortons Neuroma gel cushion pads (One for each foot)
  • Cushions and protects your toes and the balls of your feet
  • Available in Small and Large sizes.
  • Generally the sizing is as follows: (3-6 Small), (7-11 Large)
  • For both Men and Women
  • Can be worn with or without shoes
  • Made from super soft cotton fabric 83% Poly-amide/17% Elastane with a silicone gel pad inside
  • Slips on easily around your foot
  • Washable & reusable
  • Ideal for treating & easing Corns, Blisters, Morton’s Neuroma & Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain)
  • Realigns & corrects the position of your metatarsal bones helping you to avoid bunions from developing or worsening.
  • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee for full customer peace of mind!

Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary for this product.

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Suffering from ball of foot pain? It could be being caused by Morton’s Neuroma. Wearing a pair of Morton’s Neuroma Pads inside your shoes such as these can help to better support your feet by taking pressure off your Neuroma to quickly and effectively ease your pain and discomfort!

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma is a painful foot condition that affects the ball of the foot. It is caused when a nerve in between one of your toes becomes irritated or damaged. You can increase your chances of developing Morton’s Neuroma by:

  • Wearing high heels or tight and ill fitting shoes that cause toe crowding and excessive pressure on your toes.
  • Being on your feet for long periods particularly on hard flooring surfaces.
  • Playing sports which involve a lot of stop and starting, jumping and running.
  • Having flat feet, high arches, bunions, hammer toes or a biomechanical imbalance such as overpronation or supination so that when you walk you are placing a damaging load and pressure on your toes.

How to treat Morton’s Neuroma?

There are a number of different ways you can help to treat and ease Morton’s Neuroma including:

  • Resting and keeping your foot raised.
  • Making sure to avoid being on your feet especially on hard flooring surfaces for prolonged periods.
  • Using an ice pack wrapped in a towel and applying it using light compression to the affected area for 20 minutes every couple of hours.
  • Avoid wearing high heels or tight pointy shoes and instead wear shoes with a low heel, arch support, soft sole and wide toe box.
  • Wearing arch support insoles inside your shoes, these are designed to provide better support for people with flat feet and high arches as well as help correct foot conditions such as over pronation and supination.
  • Wearing Morton’s Neuroma pads to ease pressure off your toes and the balls of your feet when you walk.

How can wearing Morton’s Neuroma pads help?

Morton’s Neuroma pads are designed to help provide extra cushioning and support to the toes, metatarsal bones and balls of your feet to prevent, treat and ease Morton’s Neuroma pain.

The gel cushion absorbs shock and stops the build up of damaging pressure points underneath the balls of your feet by spreading and redistributing weight and pressure evenly across the balls of your feet. With added metatarsal support these pads will also help to realign and correct the way the metatarsal bones function helping to reduce pressure placed on the nerves between your toes. Wearing a pair of our Morton’s Neuroma pads is a great way to help ease pain and protect the damaged nerve from further damage giving your feet a chance to heal properly.

With our 30 day money back guarantee you can shop with total peace of mind. If for whatever reason these Morton’s Neuroma pads do not ease your pain or simply weren’t what you were expecting then you can send then back to us within 30 days and receive a full refund!

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18 Reviews For This Product

  1. 18

    by Joani Custance

    Great product – Somehow I developed a neuroma on my foot and started getting some serious foot pain when out walking, after less than a week these pads have got rid of just about all my pain. So happy!!!

  2. 18


    These Gel cushion pads are a super and work great just wish they came in black!!

  3. 18

    by Anita

    Very good pads for Morton’s neuroma service was excellent

  4. 18

    by Penny

    Great relief from pressure on balls of my feet, and don’t know I have them on

  5. 18

    by Adam Gill

    After developing Morton’s Neuroma, I was desperate to find something to ease the relentless pain when walking. That’s when I found these Morton’s Neuroma Pads. From the first day, there was a noticeable difference. They cushion the balls of my feet and reduce the pressure, giving me relief I hadn’t felt in months. Plus, they fit snugly in all my shoes, which is a big bonus. For anyone battling Morton’s Neuroma, these pads are a great option for easing the discomfort. They’ve made a world of difference for me.

  6. 18

    by Emily West

    Bought these for my elderly mother who has been dealing with sesamoiditis. She says they’re the best thing I could have gotten her – the pain has significantly decreased. They’re easy to use, fit well, and don’t slip.

  7. 18

    by Sarah Calder

    After months of discomfort, I found these gems. They provide instant relief and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in pain since I began using them. They are easy to use and I would highly recommend.

  8. 18

    by Lizzie Martin

    The Morton’s Neuroma Pads have been a huge help in managing my foot pain.

  9. 18

    by Janette Keating

    After months of constant aching in the balls of my feet, I finally decided to give Morton’s Neuroma Pads a whirl. Boy, what a difference! The gentle gel cushioning is like a breath of fresh air for sore spots, providing much-needed relief. No more hobbling around for me!

  10. 18

    by James Calder

    I have Morton’s Neuroma and these pads from Nuovahealth are just what I needed. The pain is minimal now and I’m back to enjoying my walks.

  11. 18

    by Gary Byrne

    As an someone who loves running, developing Metatarsalgia was a complete downer. Thankfully, these Morton’s Neuroma Pads have been fantastic. The gel cushion does wonders for comfort, and the metatarsal support has been helpful in managing my condition. I would definitely recommend them to anyone dealing with similar foot issues. Running is a joy again thanks to these little marvels!

  12. 18

    by Jane Newton

    Dealing with metatarsalgia was a challenge until I found these pads. They’ve eased my pain considerably and made walking easier. The gel cushion and metatarsal support are spot on. They’re worth every penny!

  13. 18

    by Libby Jones

    I’ve been dealing with Morton’s Neuroma for a while and these pads are an absolute blessing! The gel cushion gives such a great relief, and the metatarsal support is spot on. They’re not bulky and fit surprisingly well in my shoes. No more wincing in pain with every step.

  14. 18

    by Carol Randle

    I bought these pads out of desperation due to metatarsalgia. They have turned out to be a fantastic purchase. The comfort they provide is outstanding, and they’ve really helped ease the pain. Top quality product!

  15. 18

    by Greg McLean

    After a bout of sesamoiditis had me limping around, I decided to give these a try, and I ain’t looked back since.

    The gel cushion is like a mini marshmallow for your foot, all plush and comfortable. They help support my foot too distributing my body weight, reducing the strain on my poor, beleaguered toes.

    The quality of these pads is superb as well. They’re not only durable but also gentle on the skin. They fit into my shoes like a dream, and stay put. No annoying adjusting and readjusting during the day.

    In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a foot-friendly solution that offers comfort and support, these pads are worth trying!

  16. 18

    by Norman Henderson

    These little wonders have really helped my feet. I have been grappling with Morton’s neuroma for months, and these pads turned out to be a welcome relief. The gel cushion is pure comfort and the metatarsal support is phenomenal. While walking, I could actually feel the pressure being eased off my troubled nerve. They are practical, easy to insert into my regular shoes, and they stay put all day. No muss, no fuss!

  17. 18

    by Mel

    I was doubtful at first, I mean, how much could these little pads really help? But after weeks of escalating pain, I was desperate. I popped these Morton’s Neuroma pads in my shoes, and voila! The difference was night and day. The pain didn’t vanish completely, but the relief was significant enough to help me through my daily walks with my dog. I’ve been using them ever since. They’re easy to use, comfortable, and they’ve put a spring back in my step.

  18. 18

    by mARK p

    “I’ve been an avid runner for years. I’ve felt the pain of overused, tired feet. But when I started experiencing sharp pain and numbness, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma. I was recommended these Morton’s neuroma pads and my world has changed for the better. They are incredibly comfortable, and they provide just the right amount of cushion to alleviate my pain. The relief is instant and I’m glad I made the purchase.

    Some might hesitate at the cost, but honestly, they are worth every penny. The quality is top notch, and they’ve held up well. Also, I appreciate the thoughtful design, it’s clear the makers really understand what a person with Morton’s neuroma goes through. They don’t just cushion, they also support and realign your metatarsal bones – I certainly feel the difference, especially during my morning runs. If you buy these pads I promise you wont regret it!

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Morton's Neuroma Pads With Gel Cushion & Metatarsal Support

Morton's Neuroma Pads With Gel Cushion & Metatarsal Support

£10.99inc VAT

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