Magnetic Back brace for posture

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  • 1x Magnetic back brace for posture designed to improve your overall posture and ease back aches and pain
  • Sizes are as follows: Small = 80CM (for height under 150cm), Medium = 90CM (for height up to 160cm), Large = 100cm (for height up to 170cm),
    XL = 110cm (for height up to 185cm), XXL= 120cm (for height 195+cm)
  • The fully adjustable waist belt and buckled straps helping you to find the most comfortable fit
  • Straightens and realigns your spine helping to improve your posture and ease pressure off your back
  • Recommended for helping to ease back conditions and injuries such as slipped discs, Sciatica, Scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, Muscle or ligament strain, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Features strategically placed magnets that provide soothing magnetic therapy that targets and eases pain deep within your back (Not recommended for those who use a pacemaker)
  • Provides soothing compression support that helps increase blood flow to your back helping to improve injury recovery by reducing swelling, inflammation and pain and speeding up the natural healing process of damaged soft tissue
  • Made from lightweight and breathable materials with moisture wicking abilities that keep you feeling dry and sweat free all day long
  • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee!
Warning! Please note this item contains Magnets and so it can potentially interfere with pacemakers, defibrillators, and other medical implants that could be affected by magnets. Do not buy this item if you have an implanted medical device, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused wearing this product.

Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary for this product.

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Are you one of the countless individuals grappling with the cruel clutches of back pain? At NuovaHealth, we understand this predicament and believe we may just have the solution you need – our Magnetic Back Brace For Posture.

Before we delve into the amazing features of this product and the benefits it can offer, let’s first unravel the mystery of back pain, the importance of good posture, and how a back brace can help to prevent and treat a wide range of back conditions and injuries.

Understanding Back Pain

Back pain is an all too common issue. Every year, an estimated 1 in 3 adults in the UK suffers from some form of back pain. It can be a debilitating condition that can significantly limit an individual’s quality of life, affecting the ability to work, participate in physical activities or even perform everyday tasks. Certain individuals, due to factors such as their age, lifestyle, or occupation, are more likely to develop back pain. The most common causes of back pain are injuries, conditions like herniated discs, sciatica, and arthritis, poor posture, and often, stress.

Treatments range from physiotherapy to medication, and in severe cases, surgery. However, these methods may have their downsides, including side effects from medication, potential risks of surgery, and the time and commitment required for physiotherapy.

The Power of Posture and Back Support

Here’s where the importance of back support and good posture comes into play. A well-supported back and correct posture can significantly reduce the likelihood of back injuries, ensuring spinal alignment and reducing strain on the back muscles. Thus, one of the most effective ways of achieving this is by using a back brace.

A back brace, like the Magnetic Back Brace For Posture, is designed to provide the necessary support to keep your back in the correct position, thereby reducing the risk of injury. It serves to correct poor posture, provide support, and helps alleviate pain. The magnetic therapy further aids in pain relief, providing a holistic treatment approach.

Conditions and Injuries A back brace can help with

For Kyphosis:

Kyphosis, identified by an exaggerated outward curvature of the thoracic region in the back, creates a hunchback appearance. Predominantly affecting the elderly, it’s estimated around 20% of UK citizens aged 60 and above have some form of this condition. With age, the spinal discs naturally degenerate, making them more susceptible to compression and resulting in the spine bending forward. However, younger people are not exempt, as poor posture and abnormal bone development can also lead to kyphosis. Common symptoms include back pain and stiffness, fatigue, and in severe cases, breathing problems. Neglecting treatment can result in chronic discomfort and adverse effects on lung function. A 2017 study by the University of Warwick cited the usefulness of back braces in managing kyphosis, showing that it can help correct spinal alignment, alleviate pain, and improve overall posture.

For Spinal Fractures:

Spinal fractures, although less common, can be severe. In the UK, they account for about 4% of all bone fractures. This condition affects the backbone and is typically caused by high-energy trauma such as car accidents or falls. Spinal fractures often present with severe back pain, numbness, weakness, or paralysis. The consequences of ignoring spinal fractures can be dire, ranging from permanent nerve damage to spinal cord injury, leading to paralysis. Early treatment is pivotal to prevent these outcomes. A 2018 study by the University of Cambridge highlighted the efficacy of back braces in providing support, reducing pain, and facilitating mobility.

For Spinal Strains:

Spinal strains are quite common, particularly amongst physically active individuals or those engaged in heavy manual labour. These affect the muscles and tendons in your back, often resulting from overuse, improper lifting, or sudden awkward movements. Symptoms include muscle spasms, limited flexibility, and pain that worsens with movement. Ignoring spinal strains could lead to chronic back pain and reduced quality of life. Timely intervention is thus crucial. A 2016 study by the University of Oxford underscored the benefits of back support in spinal strains, primarily through promoting proper posture and easing discomfort.

For Herniated Discs:

Herniated discs are a prevalent source of back and neck pain, affecting the cushions in between the vertebrae. Common causes include aging and physical injury, with symptoms ranging from arm or leg pain to numbness or weakness. Without timely treatment, this condition can lead to permanent nerve damage and muscle weakness. A 2017 study by King’s College London found that using a back brace can help manage herniated discs through providing stability, improving posture, and alleviating pressure on the affected discs.

For Scoliosis:

Scoliosis, a sideway curvature of the spine, affects a small but significant proportion of children and adolescents in the UK. It impacts the entire spine, and its causes range from congenital factors to neuromuscular conditions. Symptoms include uneven shoulders, a prominent ribcage, and back pain. Ignoring scoliosis can lead to severe health problems like lung and heart damage. A 2019 study published in The Lancet revealed that back braces significantly improve the condition in children, preventing further progression of the spinal curve.

For Osteoporosis:

This condition, impacting millions of older adults, particularly post-menopausal women, causes bones to become weak and brittle. A leading cause of spinal fractures, osteoporosis can result in stooped posture, back pain, and reduced mobility. Ignoring osteoporosis can lead to debilitating fractures and significant morbidity. A 2020 study by the University of Sheffield found that using a back brace can increase stability, reduce pain, and prevent fractures in osteoporosis patients.

For Degenerative Disc Disease:

Common amongst elderly, this condition refers to the wear and tear of the spinal discs leading to chronic pain, numbness, and mobility issues. Caused by ageing, it can be exacerbated by obesity and tobacco use. Left untreated, it can lead to chronic pain and disability. A study by the University of Nottingham in 2018 found that back support can provide pain relief, improved mobility, and enhanced quality of life in individuals with this condition.

For Spondylosis:

Spondylosis, an umbrella term for age-related wear and tear affecting the spine’s discs and joints, impacts 80-90% of UK seniors. It commonly results in pain in the lower back or neck and can cause a range of symptoms, including nerve compression and difficulty walking. Long-term complications can include chronic pain and decreased mobility. Treatment often involves improving posture, which a back brace or support can greatly assist with. The University of Nottingham published a study in 2018 showing that patients using back supports experienced notable pain relief and improved mobility.

For Spinal Stenosis:

Spinal Stenosis, a condition affecting the spaces within your spine, is quite common in the UK, especially among people aged 60 and above. It primarily affects the lower back and neck and is caused by wear and tear changes due to osteoarthritis. Early symptoms include numbness, tingling and hot or cold feelings in the legs. If untreated, it can lead to problems with walking and balance, and in severe cases, paralysis. Back braces give support and stability, reducing the pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, proving to be an effective treatment method.

For Sciatica:

Sciatica, often a symptom of spondylosis or spinal stenosis, is a condition that causes pain along the path of the sciatic nerve. In the UK, it’s estimated that 40% of people will experience this condition at some point. Risk factors include age, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and jobs requiring heavy lifting. Common symptoms include lower back pain, hip pain, and leg numbness. If untreated, it can lead to long-term nerve damage. A back brace can help by relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve, as highlighted in a 2020 study by the University of Oxford.

For Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction:

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, affecting 15-30% of patients with lower back pain in the UK, is a condition that affects the joints between the spine and the pelvis. It can be caused by a range of factors from ageing to pregnancy, and can lead to stiffness and reduced range of motion. If untreated, it can result in chronic pain and limited mobility. Back braces can help by stabilising the sacroiliac joint, providing pain relief, and preventing further injury

Remember, early detection and appropriate treatment are key to managing these conditions effectively. And while a back brace is a useful tool, it is no substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional to understand what is best for your situation.

The BackRevivier Magnetic Back Brace – Your Key to a Healthy Posture and a Pain-Free Back

The Transformative Power of the BackRevivier Magnetic Back Brace

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain, you understand how debilitating it can be. However, there is a solution that could potentially revolutionise your life: The BackRevivier Magnetic Back Brace for Posture.

Provides Superior Support

The BackRevivier Magnetic Back Brace doesn’t just support – it transforms. Designed to straighten and realign your spine, the brace plays a pivotal role in protecting you from injury and preventing wear and tear.

Why is this so essential, you may wonder?

Well, a correctly aligned spine takes the strain off your back muscles, allowing them to relax and recover. This not only helps in reducing the incidence of back pain but also improves your overall physical health and well-being.

A Perfect Fit for All

With sizes ranging from Small to XXL, the BackRevivier Magnetic Back Brace fits people of every height, ensuring nobody has to endure the discomfort of poor posture or back pain. The fully adjustable waist belt and buckled straps offer a customisable fit, a feature that elevates the comfort level while straightening and realigning your spine.

Recommended for a Range of Back Conditions

Recommended by health professionals, this back brace is an ideal solution for those grappling with back conditions such as slipped discs, Sciatica, Scoliosis, and Arthritis. The strategically placed magnets provide soothing magnetic therapy, targeting deep-seated pain, providing relief and comfort. However, it is not recommended for those who use a pacemaker.

Boosting Injury Recovery

The BackRevivier Magnetic Back Brace provides targeted compression support, enhancing blood flow to your back. This scientifically-proven approach minimises swelling and inflammation, accelerating the natural healing process of damaged soft tissue. This feature is a testament to the amalgamation of comfort, technology, and science in the field of back care.

Comfort Redefined

Crafted from lightweight and breathable materials, the brace scores high on comfort. Its moisture-wicking abilities keep you dry and sweat-free all day long, ensuring that you can wear it under your clothes without any discomfort or inconvenience.

A Guarantee You Can Trust

At BackRevivier, we believe in the quality of our products and stand by it. Consequently, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind with every purchase.


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    by Gary

    Honestly, I was a bit skeptical when I first got this posture corrector. I mean, how much can a piece of fabric really do, right? Boy, was I wrong. I’ve been using it for three weeks now and my back pain has significantly reduced. It’s like having a personal chiropractor with you all the time. The quality? Top-notch. It’s comfortable and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone with posture problems.

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