Lower Back Lumbar Support Belt for Pain Relief and Posture Correction

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  • 1x Infrared Magnetic Lower Back Support designed to provide soothing compression, magnetic and heat therapy to help ease your back pain quickly and effectively
  • For both Men & Women
  • Sizes are as follows:
  • Medium: (74-86cm Waistline (29inches-33inches)), Large: (86-100cm Waistline (33inches-39inches)), Extra Large: (100cm-113cm Waistline (39inches-44inches)), XXL: (113cm-119cm Waistline (44 – 47 inches)) – For the best fit measure around your stomach allowing 2-3 inches leeway for the Velcro
  • Features 20 magnets strategically placed around the lower back to deliver warmth and magnetic therapy
  • Provides targeted compression to your lower back which will help to ease aches and pain, reduce inflammation and swelling whilst also speeding up injury recovery by increasing the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to damaged tissue
  • Ergonomically designed orthopaedic support technology ensures the support that this belt will give your spine will help to correct your posture to ease strain and pressure off your lower back and protect you from injury
  • Designed to trap your body heat and features a self-heating tourmaline inner pad which provides soothing heat therapy to ease pain
  • Lightweight and discrete to wear and does not produce any extra bulk when wearing underneath your regular clothing
  • Fits all sizes with adjustable neoprene strap
  • Includes a full 30-day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase!
Warning! Please note this item contains Magnets and so it can potentially interfere with pacemakers, defibrillators, and other medical implants that could be affected by magnets. Do not buy this item if you have an implanted medical device, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused wearing this product.

Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary for this product.

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Sometimes it can be a daily struggle and a challenge living with back pain, however, we have developed a new back support designed for superior and lasting comfort and rehabilitation of the afflicted area.

Our Lower back support belt has been specially made to help relieve lower back pain by correcting your posture and easing strain and pressure off your lower back. Wearing this lower back support belt will help keep your lower back supported and comfortable all day long. Made from high quality medical grade materials that are durable, soft and padded this back support belt provides not only a great deal of support but also comfort!

Get fast and effective Back pain relief with the Nuova Health Lumbar Back Support

This back support is a specialist orthotic device designed for relief from lower back pain, to improve posture and to aid rehabilitation of the lower back during physiotherapy or after surgery. This lower back support can be worn help to treat and prevent a number of lower back injuries including Sciatica, Slipped discs, Facet syndrome as well as Degenerative disc disease. The support works by applying fairly firm and even compression around the lower back providing much-needed comfort and support. By holding your posture, the support can also act as an injury prevention and treatment device.

Promotes better blood circulation and healing

Good blood circulation is an important part of the rehabilitation process of an injury and the lower back is no exception. The Nuova Health back support increases blood circulation through compression and magnetic therapy with strategically placed infrared magnets throughout the support. The magnetic field that the support creates directs blood to the tissue surrounding the lower back, this is due to iron in the blood being attracted to the magnets. Increased circulation to the lower back provides warmth, therapeutic relief from pain, and healing.

Please consult your doctor first if you have a pacemaker fitted as the magnets may interfere with the pacemaker.

Posture correction to help prevent injury

By engaging your core muscles, the lower back support helps to promote good posture. Good posture makes you look more confident, appear taller and also reduces slouching and helps to reduce disc degeneration and damage to the facet joint in the spine.

Made from the best medical grade materials

The NuovaHealth back support is made of high-quality medical grade neoprene, providing the best level of strength, durability, comfort, and protection. Neoprene is a special material that is lightweight and breathable providing great comfort whilst also being strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

When can I use the back support?

This back support can be used throughout the day or as recommended by your physiotherapist. We recommend taking breaks from wearing it so your body doesn’t become reliant on the support as this can cause muscular imbalance.

The back support can also be used during heavy lifting and handling. We recommend that you tighten the belt whilst engaged in these activities in order to help engage your core muscles more and improve lifting ability.

Can also be worn during sports.

Injury Prevention with the NuovaHealth Lower Back Support

Not only can our back support help in the treatment of lower back injuries but it can also prevent them from occurring in the first place!

If you lift heavy objects regularly it can be useful to wear a lower back support to prevent injury, prevention occurs due to the correction of posture and also through raising neuro-muscular awareness. Neuro-muscular awareness is all about mind-muscle connection, better awareness of your muscles ensures correct lifting technique and optimum posture minimizing the risk of injury. The compression that the belt provides also helps you to engage your core more in the lifts, by squeezing your core you are much stronger in the lift and there is less risk of you relying too much on the lower back to do the heavy lifting for you.

The Nuova Health lower back support helps to treat the following conditions*:
* Please always consult your doctor or physiotherapist first before using your lower back support to help treat the following conditions. We accept no responsibility for any injury caused by the use of our product.


Caused by either irritation or pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pain or a tingling sensation is symptomatic of sciatica; this pain usually radiates from the lower back and travels down the legs to the feet.

Slipped disc

A slipped disc is caused when the disc that sits between the bones of the spine becomes damaged and then starts to press on the nerves. Slipped discs are very similar in symptoms and causation as sciatica although sciatica is specific to the sciatic nerve.

Facet syndrome

The facet joint stabilizes the spine and helps to excessive movement of the spine that can result in injury. When these joints become damaged through the normal aging process, injury or repetitive strain the joint can become painful; Facet syndrome is pain that can develop anywhere along the spine due to this damage. This spinal injury can result in lower back pain.

Lumbar spinal stenosis

Spinal nerve roots are choked causing symptoms of sciatica.

Degenerative disc disease

Degeneration of the discs causing permanent pain in the lower back. In the long term can lead to facet syndrome and other problems if not treated.

Long-term measures have to be taken for all back injuries as they can progress and get worse with time, there are no instant cures, wearing a back support is just one part of a wider rehabilitation plan.

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18 Reviews For This Product

  1. 14

    by James E. Clark

    A great fit, very comfortable to wear and has helped tremendously with my lower back pain.

  2. 14

    by Naomi Price

    Fits perfectly, great quality and does a great job at soothing my back pain. Would highly recommend.

  3. 14

    by Jeffrey Ward

    Just what I needed! Since wearing this back support my lower back pain has really improved. I would definitely recommend this back support to anyone suffering from lower back pain.

  4. 14

    by Brett Buchanan

    Helped get rid of my back pain.

  5. by Top notch!

    Recently I have been diagnosed with lower lumbar spinal discitis which is truly painful! I chose to buy this back support to help stabilize my back and to help correct my posture particularly when I am sat down.

    As soon as I started wearing this back brace I immediately felt more secure and stable when moving and rotating my back. plus it has eased my back pain so much and unlike other back supports that I have worn before this back supports support is very light weight and comfortable to wear (I hardly know its there most of the time).

  6. 14

    by bill

    This lower back support has really helped me and helped stop me from slouching when I am on the computer! I started getting real bad back aches because I was wrecking my posture when I would be on the computer doing my work for hours at a time… but these lower back supports have helped prevent me from slouching and have saved my back! Thanks a lot!!!!

  7. 14

    by Elaine Renn

    I have been suffering from terrible back pain recently but thanks to the support belt and also yoga I have noticed a big improvement as my lower back does not hurt anywhere as near as much as it did! I am sooooo happy!

  8. by Really good!

    This is a really well made and really comfortable to wear (most of the time you actually forget that you have the belt on). It has really done wonders for my lower back.. as I used to suffer from terrible aches and pains down there due mostly to my poor posture however this back support helps to keep me from slouching and I no longer really suffer anywhere near as much as I used to do.

  9. 14

    by Jennifer Watts

    Exactly what I was looking for!

  10. by Bryce

    Works great for me especially when I am on my computer for hours on end, stops me from slouching and damaging my back. YAY 😀

  11. 14

    by Mark

    I bought this back support to help ease tension in my back that I was having. It has worked amazingly well and my back now feels great. Will definitely buy again.

  12. by Steven

    I have really bad posture and I’ve tried really hard making a conscious effort stand up straight and not to slouch or hunch my back but this is easier said then done. Everytime I try to stand up straight after a while I would get distracted and find myself slouching and hunching my back again. This is why I decided to buy this back support so I don’t have to be constantly aware of keeping my back straight and my posture correct. Since wearing this back I have noticed a huge difference in my posture and my back feels a lot better now. I no longer get the aches and pains in my lower back like I once did plus I look a alot taller now! If you have bad posture and back pain this is a must buy – its the only thing that helped me.

  13. 14

    by Ellen Jackson

    Really helped with my sciatica. Thanks!

  14. 14

    by Erica Gomez

    The belt really does help with my posture. I’ve been diagnosed with a lifelong Neurological Disorder that causes perpetual pain: the heat provides some relief. However, be careful if you have sensitive skin: don’t use it for long, because after a while the heat caused a stingy/burn feeling around my abdomen and took a while to calm down.
    It’s a great product, just listen to your body!

  15. 14

    by Jack

    Overall a very good quality back support belt that has really helped ease and soothe my lower back pain. After wearing it for the past 3 weeks I have noticed a definite improvement in my posture and stance. It did take a little bit longer than expected to be delivered but no worries. Would BUY AGAIN.

  16. 14

    by John Harland

    Been looking for a replacement for an old back support belt for ages (tried others that were too bulky or uncomfortable). This one fitted the bill and first impressions are good: it provides just the support I was looking for when my lower back is sore and is not at all bulky.

  17. 14

    by Carole fearing

    Best support for my back for golf

  18. 14

    by Layla Al-Hassan

    My job requires me to stand for long periods, which has been murder on my lower back. I bought this support, and honestly, it’s been wonderful. It fits snugly and doesn’t feel bulky under my clothes. I wear it during my shifts, and the difference is night and day! The adjustable straps make it easy to get the perfect fit every time. My colleagues have even noticed how much more comfortable I seem, and a few of them are considering getting one too.

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Lower back support belt

Lower Back Lumbar Support Belt for Pain Relief and Posture Correction

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