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  • 1x pair of Knee Wraps for protecting, supporting and compressing the knee joint to help ease aches and pain
  • For both Men & Women
  • One size fits all – Features a secure Velcro strap that keeps the knee wrap firmly in place whilst wearing
  • Recommended for treating and easing ACL, PCL & MCL knee injuries, Patella tendonitis, Meniscus Tear, Runners & Jumpers knee, Chondromalacia or irritated knee cap, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Patellar tendon sprains and strains
  • Provides a custom level of support that is designed to reduce pressure and strain off the knee joint and helps to improve knee stability and function to prevent future injuries
  • Soothing compression helps to improve injury recovery by easing pain, reduce swelling, inflammation and muscle fatigue and speeds up the natural healing process of damaged muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Ideal for wearing whist running, exercising or playing sports such as Football or Rugby
  • Multi use – Can be wrapped around your Knees, Thighs or calves for extra protection, support and compression where you need it the most
  • Made from lightweight, stretchy and durable nylon and high elastic latex material
  • Washable and reusable
  • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase!

Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary for this product.

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Are your knees not what they used to be? Do aches and pains creep in as soon as you take those first few steps of the morning, or when you try to enjoy your favorite activities? Maybe you’re dealing with a more serious condition like arthritis, patellar tendonitis, or even a torn meniscus. Perhaps you’re an athlete or a fitness enthusiast looking for ways to protect your knees and boost your performance.

Well, we at NuovaHealth understand your concerns and have designed just the thing for you – a high-quality pair of knee wraps. But before we delve into why our knee wraps are a cut above the rest, let’s take a moment to understand what knee wraps are and why you should consider wearing a pair!

Understanding Your Knees

When knee pain sets in, we quickly realize how important our knees actually are. It’s like a domino effect – knee pain can reduce your mobility, making everyday tasks a struggle and severely impacting your quality of life. And it’s not that uncommon either. Knee pain is a extremely common issue that could arise from different causes such as injury, arthritis, or even wear and tear from daily activities.

This is where the importance of knee support comes in. You see, providing proper support and protection for your knees when you’re running, exercising, or even just going about your daily business is essential to prevent knee pain from developing or worsening. And that’s exactly where knee wraps come in. They offer an easy and effective way to provide your knees with a custom level of support that can make a real difference whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just someone trying to go about their day pain-free.

How Do Knee Wraps Work?

Knee wraps are a type of support that can be wrapped around the knee to provide additional comfort and support. They are made of strong, elastic materials that allow for a certain degree of stretch. Once secured, they create a form of external support structure for the knee, aiding in stability and relief from discomfort.

Knee wraps are designed to help support your knee joints in the correct position. Think of these wraps like additional muscles and ligaments, providing the necessary support while performing strenuous activities, particularly weight lifting. Wearing them can help in maintaining the knee joint’s integrity during high-intensity workouts.

Improved Joint Stability

One of the key features of knee wraps is their ability to enhance the stability of your knee joints. This stability helps minimize the chances of potential injuries. By keeping your knee joints precisely aligned, the wraps aid in promoting fluid and natural movements during exercise, which is critical for joint health.

Soothing Compression

knee wraps also provide soothing compression. This compression provides multiple benefits, including improved blood circulation in the knee region, which promotes quicker recovery post-workout. Interestingly, the compression also improves the body’s proprioception, or the spatial awareness of the body, which can significantly boost your technique and effectiveness in various exercises.

Protection against Injuries

Last, but certainly not least, knee wraps help to protect your knees. They absorb some of the impact from strenuous exercises, thereby reducing the likelihood of knee injuries like sprains and strains. This protective function of knee wraps ensures you can engage in intense workout sessions with a reduced risk of harm to your knees.

Why Wear Knee Wraps?

Knee wraps aren’t just for athletes. Here are some more reasons why you might want to wear them:

  1. For Pain Reduction: If you’re experiencing knee discomfort or pain, knee wraps can offer relief. By providing support and heat to the area, they help manage symptoms and alleviate pain.
  2. For Injury Prevention: During physical activities, especially ones involving lifting or bending, your knees can bear a lot of weight and pressure. Knee wraps serve as a protective barrier, reducing the risk of injuries.
  3. For Boosting Performance: Wearing knee wraps can also boost your physical performance. The additional support allows you to engage in activities with more stability and control.
  4. For Post-Injury Support: After an injury, knee wraps can be beneficial in the recovery process. They offer support during rehabilitation exercises and protect the area from re-injury.
  5. For Postural Alignment: Knee wraps can also help correct alignment issues that contribute to knee pain, such as patella tracking disorder.

When to Wear Knee Wraps

So, when might you want to use knee wraps?

  • For The Fitness Enthusiast: You are someone who loves to hit the gym multiple times a week. Your workout routine includes a lot of weightlifting and intense cardio sessions. But recently you’ve noticed some strain in your knees during your workouts. In such situations, knee wraps can be a game-changer. They can prevent further strains, providing the much-needed support and stability to your knees during those strenuous workouts.
  • For The Avid Hiker: Your tackling a challenging new trail, but halfway through, your knee starts to ache. It’s not a sharp pain, but it’s persistent and uncomfortable. In such a situation, having a knee wrap handy can make all the difference. It can provide the necessary support to your knee to complete your hike without causing further discomfort or injury.
  • For The Aging Individual: As we age, our knees can start to ache and lose their strength. This can be due to various reasons like arthritis or just the wear and tear of years of use. Daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, or even standing for long periods can start to become challenging. Knee wraps, in such cases, can provide that extra support to the knees, making day-to-day activities less strenuous and painful.
  • For The Marathon Runner: You are gearing up for your next marathon. Long-distance running can put a lot of stress on your knees. Using knee wraps can be beneficial in such cases. They can provide the right amount of support and compression, reducing the risk of injuries and enabling you to run longer distances with ease.
  • For The Active Cyclist: For those who love cycling, be it as way of getting around, a leisure activity, or a sport, maintaining knee health is crucial. Cycling puts a lot of pressure on the knees. Wearing knee wraps while cycling can alleviate this pressure by offering additional support to the knee joints. Moreover, they can also prevent the knee joints from any potential injuries due to overexertion or abrupt movements.
  • For The Recovering Athlete: You’ve been sidelined with a knee injury and are now on your path to recovery. During this time, your knee might need extra support to prevent re-injury. Knee wraps are an excellent aid in such situations. They provide compression, which helps reduce swelling and improve blood circulation, speeding up the healing process. Moreover, they offer stability to your knee, making it easier to get back to your normal activities.

Knee wraps serve as a source of comfort, support, and relief in situations where our knees might be under stress or recovering from injuries. It’s about taking care of our body and ensuring we can continue doing the activities we love without fear of pain or further injury.

Introducing Our Versatile Knee Wraps

Experience unparalleled knee support and comfort with our pair of Knee Wraps. Pain relief and injury prevention have never been this easy. Designed to fit both men and women with total ease, our knee wraps offer a quick and effective solution to knee aches and pains.

One Size Fits All, Secure Fit

Our knee wraps come with a secure Velcro strap, ensuring a firm yet comfortable hold during wear. Never worry about readjustments or slips during your activities.

Effective Treatment and Prevention for Various Knee Conditions

Whether you’re dealing with ACL, PCL & MCL knee injuries, patella tendonitis, meniscus tear, runner’s knee, arthritis, or related conditions, our knee wraps provide the support your joint needs. By reducing pressure on the knee joint, they improve stability and functionality, preventing further injuries. Imagine being able to participate in your favourite sports or activities minus the fear of exacerbating your knee condition.

Soothing Compression for Faster Recovery

Our knee wraps don’t just offer support, but also deliver soothing compression. This aids in easing pain, reducing swelling and inflammation, and accelerating the healing process for damaged muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Complemented by faster recovery, your journey to regaining optimal knee health is smoother and more manageable.

Ideal for Active Lifestyles

Whether you’re weightlifting, running, playing football, or doing squats, our knee wraps are your perfect workout companion. They can be wrapped around your knees, thighs, or calves, offering extra protection and compression exactly where you need it.

Breathable, Lightweight, and Durable

Made from high-quality nylon and high elastic latex material, our knee wraps ensure breathability and durability. Their moisture wicking and antibacterial properties keep your knees sweat and odour free, preventing bacteria build-up. They are lightweight, stretchy, and quick-drying, perfect for intense workouts or sports activities.

Washable and Reusable

Easy to clean and reusable, our knee wraps are designed for repeated use. Value for money and longevity of use are assured, suitable for regular workouts or prolonged sports activities.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand by the quality and effectiveness of our knee wraps. That’s why we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we’ve got you covered.

Invest in your knee’s health and well-being today with our versatile knee wraps. Your knees will thank you!

Remember, while knee wraps can provide temporary support and relief, they are not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional for persistent pain or injuries.


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    by Kam

    Good knee wraps that work well although you gotta know how to put them on properly to get maximum benefit.

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    by Stephen Flinders

    I like knee wraps better than conventional knee braces when exercising as they give you better range of movement. These are very good quality and much more stretchy than others I have tried.

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