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  • Experience the relief and regain your mobility with the innovative Foot Drop Splint, expertly crafted by the foot health specialists at FootReviver.
  • If you are someone who is battling foot drop, this product is designed with your needs in mind. The Foot Drop Splint acts as a support, strengthening your foot and promoting a proper walking posture overtime through consistent use.
  • With its unique ‘one size fits all’ design, topped off with adjustable straps for a secure, comfortable fit. Regardless of your foot size or shape, this splint can be tailored to your needs. This ensures the splint fits you perfectly, providing optimum support where you need it most. In addition, the foot wraps keep the splint in place, allowing you to adjust the level of support and compression to your foot. This personalized fit and support work wonders in alleviating the symptoms of foot drop.
  • The Foot Drop Splint can be worn during the day or whilst sleeping and is designed to hold your foot at a 90-degree angle. This consistent positioning works to strengthen and train your foot helping correct biomechanical imbalances and functional problems in your feet, significantly improving your foot’s mobility and flexibility. This leads not only to a reduction in pain, but also a greater freedom of movement, empowering you to live life to the fullest.
  • Beyond foot drop, this splint is often recommended by Podiatrists and Physiotherapists for a range of other foot and lower limb conditions. From Plantar Fasciitis to Achilles Tendonitis, Ankle Sprains to Arthritis, this splint provides the necessary support and compression to help manage these conditions effectively.
  • The soothing compression provided by this splint boosts circulation to your foot, easing aches and pains, reducing inflammation and swelling, and accelerating the healing process of damaged tissue. It’s also designed to prevent unnecessary movement that could strain weakened ligaments, tendons, and muscles, facilitating proper recovery from injuries.
  • In terms of comfort, the splint is made from breathable, soft padded materials which boast moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. This makes it ideal for wearing for extended periods without discomfort.
  • Finally, we are so confident in the effectiveness of this product, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. This ensures peace of mind for you, knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • So, why wait? If you or a loved one are dealing with foot drop, seize the opportunity to experience relief and improved mobility with the Foot Drop Splint. Trust in the expertise of FootReviver and take a positive step toward better foot health today!

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Do you often experience a strange feeling of heaviness in your legs, difficulty lifting your foot, or a tendency to drag your foot or toes when you walk? Are these symptoms making it tough to carry out simple daily tasks like climbing stairs, walking the dog or even just moving around the house? If these experiences sound all too familiar, you might be dealing with a condition known as foot drop.

But hold on, there’s good news. At Nuovahealth, we’re committed to providing solutions that can help you get back to leading a comfortable and active life. One such solution that we’re excited to talk about is the FootReviver™ Foot Drop Splint. Expertly designed by the specialists at FootReviver, this product is geared towards providing relief for people battling with foot drop.

Before we delve into the remarkable features of the FootReviver™ Foot Drop Splint, let’s first take a moment to understand foot drop…

Understanding Foot Drop

Foot Drop is a condition that affects the dorsiflexor muscles in the leg. These muscles are responsible for lifting the front part of your foot. When these muscles become weakened or paralysed, it results in an inability to raise the foot, causing it to drag on the ground while walking, hence the term ‘Foot Drop.’

Though it’s not a common condition the NHS reports that it affects approximately 20 in every 100,000 people. It primarily affects the muscles and nerves in the lower leg and foot, significantly hindering mobility.

Causes of Foot Drop

Foot drop can stem from several different causes, including:

  1. Peroneal Nerve Injury: The peroneal nerve in your leg plays a pivotal role in foot movements, especially in lifting the foot. One of the most common causes of foot drop is injury to this nerve, often due to compression. It’s important to maintain a good posture while sitting and avoid crossing legs to prevent such nerve compression.
  2. Muscle or Nerve Disorders: Certain disorders, such as certain forms of muscular dystrophy, can gradually debilitate muscles, leading to foot drop.
  3. Neurological Conditions: Conditions like stroke or cerebral palsy can harm the nervous system and consequently lead to foot drop. These diseases can disrupt nerve pathways, impeding standard movement and muscle function.
  4. Diabetic Neuropathy: Persistent high sugar levels in diabetic individuals may cause nerve damage over time, leading to a condition called diabetic neuropathy. This condition can affect the functioning of the peroneal nerve, causing foot drop.
  5. Herniated Discs: These can put pressure on nerve roots and may cause foot drop. This pressure can disrupt nerve signals required for foot movement.
  6. Hip or Knee Replacement Surgeries: These invasive procedures may put the peroneal nerve at risk of damage, leading to foot drop.
  7. Spinal Cord Injuries: Whether due to trauma or disease, spinal cord injuries can disrupt regular nerve signals, resulting in foot drop.
  8. Multiple Sclerosis: Being a central nervous system disease, multiple sclerosis can interrupt nerve signals, making foot movement challenging and possibly causing foot drop.
  9. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS): This progressive condition can weaken muscles and potentially lead to foot drop.
  10. Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: This group of inherited disorders can damage peripheral nerves, making foot drop a possibility.
  11. Parkinson’s Disease: This progressive neurological disorder can affect motor skills, balance, and coordination, leading to conditions like foot drop.
  12. Lyme Disease: Resulting from a tick bite, Lyme disease can cause neurological issues, including foot drop, if not treated promptly.
  13. Alcoholism: Chronic alcohol abuse can lead to nerve damage over time. This condition, known as alcoholic neuropathy, can potentially cause foot drop.

Signs, Symptoms and Importance of Treatment

Signs and symptoms of foot drop might include dragging your toes on the ground when you walk, a high-stepping walk (steppage gait), numbness in your foot, and muscle weakness in your leg. If left untreated, Foot Drop can lead to complications like increased risk of falls, difficulty in walking, and deformation of the foot and ankle.

Treatment and Prevention of Foot Drop

  1. Physical Therapy: Engaging in regular physical therapy can be instrumental in managing foot drop. This process involves specific exercises that help to strengthen not only the foot but also the leg muscles. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on your gait, or the way you walk. It’s important to note that this form of treatment requires a significant level of commitment and consistency for effective results.
  2. Nerve Stimulation: Another method utilized in the treatment of foot drop is nerve stimulation. This approach involves the use of electrical impulses to stimulate the specific nerve responsible for controlling foot movement. It’s worth noting that, while some individuals may find this treatment beneficial, it may not yield the desired results for everyone.
  3. Surgical Intervention: In instances where foot drop is caused by a nerve that has become compressed, surgery may be an option. Decompressing surgery can help to relieve the pressure on the nerve and potentially improve the condition. It’s important to remember, though, that all surgical procedures come with inherent risks that must be considered.
  4. Medication: Various medications can be employed to treat underlying conditions that are causing foot drop. It’s a versatile approach to tackling the root cause of the issue. However, as with any form of medication, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects.
  5. Foot Drop Splint: The use of a foot drop splint, also known as an ankle-foot orthosis, has proven effective in managing foot drop. This device can be worn to help support the foot and improve mobility. It’s a practical, non-invasive approach that can significantly aid in managing this condition.

Each of these treatments offers a different approach to managing foot drop, and the most effective treatment can vary depending on individual circumstances. It’s always recommended to discuss these options with a healthcare professional to find the most suitable course of action.

Why Use a Foot Drop Splints

A study by the University of Washington in 2018 found that foot drop splints, when used appropriately, can significantly improve the quality of life of individuals suffering from foot drop. The study observed 100 patients over six months and found that those using foot drop splints saw a significant improvement in their mobility and overall quality of life.

What makes a foot drop splint effective is its design. It supports the affected foot in a dorsiflexed position, essentially doing the work of the weakened or damaged muscles and nerves, and aiding in better balance and stride while walking.

Foot drop is a challenging condition, but with the right treatment and preventative measures, individuals can manage their symptoms effectively and maintain their quality of life. The use of a foot drop splint is one such measure, offering a practical, non-invasive, and beneficial solution to many.

Discover the Power of FootReviver’s Expertly Designed Foot Drop Splint

Understanding foot drop and its causes is just the beginning of your journey to better foot health. A key part of your treatment could lie in the expertly designed Foot Drop Splint created by FootReviver, a reputable brand with years of experience in foot health and biomechanics. This innovative product is designed to support and strengthen your foot, a crucial aspect in treating foot drop.

A Perfect Fit

One size fits all with this splint, thanks to its adjustable straps. This ensures a secure, comfortable fit, essential for effective treatment. Imagine a tailor-made solution, perfectly fitting your foot, allowing for a more targeted approach to foot drop treatment. That’s what this splint offers. The foot wraps strap securely around your foot, keeping the splint in place, and allowing you to adjust the level of support and compression, offering personalized relief and support.

Designed for Superior Support

This Foot Drop Splint holds your foot at a 90-degree angle and is ideal for wearing with or without shoes, or even while sleeping. Its purpose is to act as a supportive mechanism for your foot, encouraging and training it to retain an optimal position for movement. This is particularly beneficial during walking, as the splint aids in effective pressure distribution, thus mitigating the potential for nerve obstruction—a common cause of foot drop.

More than just a support, this splint is a training tool, helping to reinforce weakened muscles. It’s a corrective measure against biomechanical imbalances that contribute to foot drop, serving as a guide to your foot to relearn the right positioning and movement. The FootReviver Foot Drop Splint is designed not just to compensate for your foot’s current state, but also to gradually improve its strength and flexibility.

With consistent use over time, this device can significantly improve foot mobility. It aids the foot in regaining its natural flexibility in order to reduce the symptoms of foot drop.

Helps With a Range of Foot Conditions

Beyond foot drop, this splint is recommended by podiatrists and physiotherapists to help treat various foot and lower limb injuries and conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and even Gout and Arthritis. Its design helps prevent movement that could damage weakened ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your foot, allowing you to make a full recovery if you have an injury.

Enhanced Healing

The Footreviver foot drop splint provides a much-needed compression to the foot which can potentially alleviate the symptoms and discomfort caused by foot drop and other related conditions. This compression plays a pivotal role in the healing process of an injury or other issues contributing to foot drop.

When you’re dealing with foot drop, the muscles and nerves in the foot can become damaged or strained, leading to difficulty in lifting the front part of the foot. The Footreviver foot drop splint, by delivering constant compression, can help to alleviate this problem. The compression promotes blood flow to the area, which can reduce inflammation and swelling that often accompany this condition.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or damage, but excessive inflammation can impede healing and cause pain. By increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, the splint can assist in accelerating the healing process of damaged tissue in the foot.

Moreover, compression is known to provide support to the muscles and tendons, which can be beneficial in promoting better foot movement and reducing the risk of further injuries. This supportive nature of compression might also work to alleviate aches and pains that are often associated with foot drop.

Comfort Throughout the Day

Made from lightweight, breathable and soft padded materials, the FootReviver foot drop splint combines comfort with practicality, making it an ideal choice for those struggling with foot drop. Notably, the splint comes with moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties, enhancing its suitability for extended wear without causing discomfort.

The importance of these features cannot be overstated as proper management of foot drop often necessitates wearing the splint for prolonged periods of time, such as during sleep. This is where these features truly shine; the moisture-wicking property ensures that perspiration is swiftly drawn away from the skin, maintaining a dry environment and minimizing the risk of skin irritation. The anti-bacterial characteristic further bolsters this by preventing bacterial growth, thereby reducing the chance of chafing and potential infections.

Moreover, the soft padded materials used in the construction of the splint provide an additional layer of comfort. This padding acts as a shock absorber, reducing the pressure on the foot during movement, and providing crucial support to the affected foot. This is particularly significant for foot drop patients, as the condition often involves a loss of muscle control, leading to a heavier than normal footfall. The padding mitigates this impact, protecting the foot from further damage and aiding in a more natural gait.

Purchase With Full Confidence

Your purchase comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee, showing our confidence in the product’s effectiveness and giving you peace of mind. If you’re not satisfied, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Whether you’re suffering from foot drop, or know someone who is, consider the FootReviver Foot Drop Splint. This expertly designed product could be the key to foot health and a more mobile, pain-free future.


Your health is of utmost importance to us. Our goal is not just to sell you a product but to ensure that you are purchasing something that suits your specific needs and is genuinely beneficial for your well-being. 

While we have absolute confidence in the effectiveness of the FootReviver foot drop splint, we highly recommend consulting a healthcare professional or doctor if you’re experiencing any concerns or difficulties managing foot drop symptoms. They can help understand the root cause of the problem, providing treatment advice based on your specific health needs. This may also include guidance on whether a foot drop splint like this FootReviver one is right for you.

Remember, we are here to support and assist you. If you have any questions or need further details about the FootReviver foot drop splint, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always ready to assist you in making informed decisions about your health.

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