Finger Straightener Splint

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  • 1x Finger straightener splint to help ease finger pain and improve the the injury recovery process of Broken Fingers, Fractures, Trigger Finger, Tenosynovitis, Stenosing & Mallet Finger
  • For both Men & Women
  • One size fits
  • Often recommended by physiotherapists to be worn during the injury recovery protocol known as P.R.I.C.E (which stands for Protection, Rest, ice, compression and elevation) to help provide the protection and compression that you need to improve speed up the recovery process
  • Features a metal support splint that has been designed specially to straighten, immobilize and stabilize your finger and helps protect your finger from shock, vibrations, strain and movement which can cause further damage to your injured finger
  • Applies compression to your finger to help boost the blood flow to it to supply fresh oxygenated blood to your finger easing aches and pains and reducing inflammation and swelling caused by injury
  • Ideal for people suffering from Arthritis, Gout, Broken and Crooked Fingers, Fractures, Trigger Finger, Tenosynovitis, Stenosing & Mallet Finger
  • Features a fully adjustable straps that wrap around your finger and wrist keeping the finger splint securely in place and allows you to quickly adjust the level of support, compression and the fitting of the splint to a level that suits your own personal requirements
  • Made from soft breathable, lightweight and non bulky materials and does not restrict the movement of your other fingers
  • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee!

Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary for this product.

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Finger pain or injuries can significantly impact our quality of life, limiting our ability to perform even the most basic tasks. One revolutionary solution that offers hope for individuals grappling with finger injuries or pain is our new, innovative finger splint. Designed to address a broad spectrum of finger-related issues, this device holds the potential to restore the finger’s function, alleviate discomfort, and dramatically enhance the healing process.

The purpose of a finger splint is to provide support and stability to an injured finger. If you’re suffering from finger pain or an injury, wearing our finger splint can truly make a world of difference.

Conditions such as Mallet Finger, Trigger Finger, Tendonitis Tenosynovitis, and even sprained knuckles all have something in common. They stem from strain or damage to the tendons and tissues in the finger. Similarly, conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis result from wear and tear of the joints.

So, how does our finger splint help in such cases? It supports your finger in a straight position, which aids in the natural healing process. More so, it improves circulation to the injured finger, promoting a speedier recovery. These benefits are not just theoretical; they’re backed up by numerous medical studies and case studies to emphasize their validity.

Now, let’s talk about our splint’s state-of-the-art features. Firstly, our finger splint incorporates a removable metal splint. This adjustable component allows you to tailor the level of support to your specific needs. This feature is truly a game-changer, offering personalized recovery for any finger injury.

Furthermore, our finger splint is crafted from premium quality materials that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. These properties are integral for prolonged wear comfort. After all, the last thing you want when dealing with an injured finger is additional discomfort from an ill-fitting or irritating splint.

This finger splint is designed and crafted with the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship. Engineered for daily use, our splint is resilient and reliable, promising to not fall apart under regular stress.

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Finger Straightener Splint

£8.99inc VAT

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