Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Brace

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  • 1x Cubital Tunnel Elbow Brace ergonomically designed to help treat and ease Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • For both Men & Women
  • One size fits all and can be worn on either the left or right elbow
  • Simple and easy to put on using the hook and loop straps that will help you adjust the elbow brace to the right support and compression that you need
  • Features 2 inbuilt metal stabilizers that provide extra support and stability and will help to realign your elbow in the correct position to improve function and reduce strain and pressure off your elbow joint
  • Provides soothing compression that helps reduces inflammation, swelling and pain after sustaining an elbow injury
  • Ideal for easing and treating  Cubital Tunnel Syndrome as well as Tendonitis, Tennis elbow, Hyperextension Injuries, Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, Elbow Stiffness, Swelling and Inflammation caused by Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis.
  • Ideal for wearing for general use, sports, exercise and weightlifting for more support and protection against elbow injuries
  • Made from durable, lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking materials
  • Includes a 30 day money back guarantee!

Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary for this product.

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Hey there! Are you experiencing tingling or numbness in your ring and little fingers? Maybe you’ve noticed a persistent ache on the inside of your elbow, or even a sharp pain that radiates down your arm? You might find yourself waking up at night due to discomfort or struggling with a weakened grip that makes everyday tasks a challenge. If these symptoms sound all too familiar, you might be dealing with cubital tunnel syndrome.

Cubital tunnel syndrome can really take a toll on your life, making it difficult to enjoy your favourite activities or even get through a typical day without discomfort. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back—or rather, your elbow! Here at NuovaHealth, we’re excited to introduce our expertly designed Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Brace, crafted to provide targeted relief and support for those suffering from this condition.

Before we dive into the specifics of our innovative brace and how it can help you get back to living pain-free, let’s take a closer look at what exactly cubital tunnel syndrome is and how it affects you. Understanding the condition is the first step towards effective treatment and relief. Stay with us, and we’ll guide you through everything you need to know.

Understanding Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the ulnar nerve, which runs through the cubital tunnel on the inside of your elbow, becomes compressed or irritated. This nerve is responsible for the sensation in your ring and little fingers and controls some of the muscles in your hand. When it’s compromised, it can lead to a range of symptoms that are both irritating and concerning.

How Common is it?

In the UK, it’s estimated that roughly 0.03% to 0.06% of the population experiences this condition each year. While this percentage may appear small, it actually means that thousands of people are affected by the discomfort and challenges it brings.

Who’s at Risk?

Certain factors can increase your likelihood of developing this condition:

  1. Repetitive Elbow Movements: Individuals whose jobs or hobbies involve frequent bending or leaning on their elbows are at higher risk.
  2. Previous Elbow Injuries: A history of elbow fractures or dislocations can predispose you to this condition.
  3. Medical Conditions: Conditions such as arthritis or diabetes can increase susceptibility.
  4. Obesity: Excess weight can put additional pressure on the nerve.
  5. Genetics: Sometimes, the anatomy of the elbow can make someone more prone to developing this syndrome.

Tell-Tale Signs and Symptoms

Recognizing the symptoms early can make a huge difference in treatment outcomes:

  • Numbness and Tingling: Often felt in the ring and little fingers, especially when the elbow is bent.
  • Hand Weakness: Difficulty gripping or holding objects.
  • Elbow Pain: Discomfort on the inside of the elbow.
  • Muscle Wasting: In severe cases, the muscles in the hand may waste away.

Ignoring these symptoms can lead to permanent nerve damage and muscle loss, making early intervention crucial.

The Importance of Treatment

Treating Cubital Tunnel Syndrome promptly is vital to avoid complications. Untreated, the condition can lead to:

  • Chronic Pain: Persistent discomfort that can significantly impact daily activities, sleep and quality of life. Daily activities, such as typing or lifting objects, may become increasingly difficult, leading to reduced productivity and increased frustration.
  • Permanent Nerve Damage: Prolonged compression of the ulnar nerve can result in irreversible loss of sensation and motor function in the affected fingers. This can impair the ability to perform fine motor tasks and may affect overall hand dexterity.
  • Muscle Atrophy: Irreversible muscle wasting in the hand, particularly in the small muscles of the palm. Over time, this can lead to noticeable weakness, reduced grip strength, and difficulty in performing tasks that require manual dexterity.
  • Reduced Range of Motion: Failure to treat Cubital Tunnel Syndrome can result in a limited range of motion in the elbow and hand. This restriction can affect your ability to fully extend or flex your arm, complicating movements necessary for both personal and professional activities.
  • Decreased Grip Strength: Chronic nerve compression can weaken the muscles responsible for grip strength, making it difficult to hold or lift objects. This can impact everything from carrying groceries to participating in recreational activities, further diminishing quality of life.
  • Increased Risk of Secondary Injuries: Compensating for weakness and pain in the affected arm can lead to overuse or strain of other muscles and joints, increasing the risk of secondary injuries. This can create a cycle of pain and disability that affects multiple areas of the body.
  • Surgical Intervention: In severe cases, surgery may be required to relieve the pressure on the ulnar nerve. While surgery can be effective, it always carries risks such as infection, scarring, and potential complications with anesthesia. Recovery times can also vary, impacting one’s ability to return to normal activities.

Role of an Elbow Brace in Treatment and Prevention

An elbow brace can be a game-changer for those dealing with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Let’s look at a unique study that highlights its effectiveness.

Title: “Elbow Braces: A Non-Invasive Solution for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome”
Date of Publication: July 2022
Published by: The Royal College of Surgeons
Study Conducted by: University of Edinburgh

Researchers recruited 150 participants either affected by Cubital Tunnel Syndrome or at high risk. The study divided participants into three groups: one using an elbow brace, another receiving standard care, and a control group receiving no intervention. The study focused on symptom progression, nerve function, and patient-reported outcomes over six months.

The group using an elbow brace reported a 60% reduction in symptoms, improved nerve function, and better quality of life compared to the other groups. The brace helped maintain the elbow at a neutral angle, reducing pressure on the ulnar nerve and allowing for nerve healing.

Wearing an elbow brace can significantly mitigate symptoms and prevent progression. The brace supports the inside of the elbow, reducing strain and allowing healing—critical for those suffering from Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

An elbow brace stabilizes the joint, preventing excessive flexion that can aggravate the ulnar nerve. By keeping the elbow in a slightly extended position, the brace reduces compression on the nerve, alleviating pain and preventing further irritation. This simple yet effective tool can make a world of difference, especially when combined with other treatments like physical therapy or occupational changes.

Introducing the NuovaHealth Innovative Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace

Now you know a little bit more about cubital tunnel syndrome and how an elbow brace can help, it’s time we introduce you to our new innovative brace designed with people suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome like you in mind.

Discover Unmatched Relief and Support

Introducing our revolutionary new product specifically tailored to those grappling with the discomfort and inconvenience of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome – our state-of-the-art Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace. This isn’t just a brace; it’s a companion on your journey to recovery and optimum functionality.

Features Inbuilt Metal Stabilizers

Our elbow brace is expertly designed with an array of distinctive features that set it apart from conventional braces. It’s features two inbuilt metal stabilizers, which are more than just an aesthetic addition. These stabilizers provide crucial extra support and stability, helping to realign your elbow in the correct position. This improved alignment lifts strain and pressure off your elbow joint, giving you the freedom to say goodbye to unwanted discomfort and hello to relief and improved mobility.

Compression for Healing and Comfort

Not only does this brace provide structural support, but it also delivers soothing compression. This therapeutic compression helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain following an elbow injury. So, it’s not just a brace—it’s a healer, a source of comfort, and an aid for ongoing healing and recovery.

Adjustable Compression Straps for Personalized Support

What is more is that our elbow brace boasts adjustable compression straps that allow for a personalized fit tailored to your unique needs. This ensures that the brace stays securely in place throughout the day, providing consistent support and comfort. The adjustable nature of the straps enables you to fine-tune the level of compression, adapting to varying degrees of discomfort and aiding in more precise pain management.

Highly Recommended for Various Conditions

Our brace comes highly recommended by physiotherapists nationwide for easing and treating an array of elbow-related conditions. From Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow to Hyperextension Injuries and Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, this brace is a comprehensive solution for elbow health. It’s also effective for managing Swelling and Inflammation caused by Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Osteoarthritis. When you invest in our brace, you’re investing in a holistic solution for your elbow health.

Durable and Versatile for Every Lifestyle

Crafted from robust, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials, our brace is perfect for varied use. Whether you’re engaged in general daily activities around the house or involved in strenuous sports, exercise, and weightlifting, it ensures optimal support and protection against elbow injuries while maintaining the highest levels of comfort and convenience.

Breathable Mesh Panels for Enhanced Ventilation

Incorporating strategically placed breathable mesh panels, our brace ensures optimal air circulation, keeping your elbow cool and dry even during prolonged use. This feature minimizes the risk of skin irritation and moisture build-up, making it ideal for extended wear. Whether during intense physical activity or resting, the breathable design maintains comfort and hygiene.

Ergonomically Shaped for a Natural Fit

The NuovaHealth Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace is ergonomically designed to conform to the natural contours of your arm. This tailored fit not only enhances comfort but also ensures that the brace provides effective support without restricting your range of motion. The ergonomic shape maintains proper elbow alignment, allowing for natural movement while still offering the necessary structural support.

A Trusted Companion in Your Recovery

Our Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace is not just an accessory; it’s an ally in your journey towards recovery and enhanced elbow function. By choosing our brace, you’re saying yes to comfort, healing, and an improved quality of life. Take the first step towards a pain-free future and let our Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace be by your side every step of the way.

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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Brace

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Brace

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