Compression Wrist Support Brace for Arthritis, Joint Pain, Tendonitis, Sprains & Fractures

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  • 1x Compression Wrist Support Brace for Arthritis, Joint Pain, Tendonitis, Sprains & Fractures
  • One size fits all
  • For both Men & Women
  • Recommended for helping to treat, ease and protect against Arthritis, Joint Pain, Tendonitis, Sprains, Strains, Fractures Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and Gout
  • Provides soothing compression that will boost blood flow to your hand and provide fresh oxygenated blood to damaged tissue to help speed up the natural healing process, reduce inflammation and swelling and ease aches and pain
  • Designed to provide support and stabilization to your hand and wrist to help prevent shock. strain and pressure from causing damage and injury
  • Ideal for wearing to support your hand during daily activities, exercise and sports use to protect your hand and wrist from injury
  • Made from premium skin friendly materials that prevent chafing and rubbing and features moisture wicking and anti bacterial technology that will help keep your hand dry and feeling comfortable
  • Features 2 fully adjustable Velcro straps that wrap around your hand keeping the brace in place and allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the level of support and compression the brace provides to suit your exact needs
  • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee!

Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary for this product.

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Have you recently suffered a hand or wrist injury? Have you been experiencing pain, limited mobility, and the inability to perform everyday tasks with ease? If you answered yes to these questions, we have a solution that could potentially help you handle this difficult situation with more ease and speed up your recovery – a Wrist Support Brace. However, before we delve into how this brace could help, let’s first understand how it works and its potential benefits.

How Does a Wrist Support Brace Work?

A Wrist Support Brace works by providing four key things: immobilisation & stability, support, compression and protection.

Immobilisation and stability are crucial during the recovery period of a wrist or hand injury. Immobilising the affected area helps protect it from further injury and promotes healing by keeping the joint stable. Similarly, support is offered by the brace to aid in the recovery process.

Compression works by reducing swelling and inflammation – two common symptoms of hand and wrist injuries.

Finally, a Wrist Support Brace also offers protection to the injured area. By wearing the brace, you shelter your wrist from any incidents that could worsen the injury or slow down the healing process.

The importance of wearing a Wrist Support Brace during recovery cannot be overstated. Without one, you risk setting your recovery back and prolonging your period of discomfort and immobility.

Injuries & Conditions a Wrist Support Brace Can Help With

Now that we’ve established the how and why of Wrist Support Braces, let’s delve into the conditions and injuries they can be particularly helpful at treating:

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common condition that affects the hand and the wrist. It’s characterized by numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand due to pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. This nerve controls the movement and feeling in your thumb, and the movement of all your fingers except your small finger. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common injury, most often seen in people who do a lot of typing or handwriting. A UK study published in the British Journal of General Practice found that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects about 7 to 16 percent of the population. Wrist support braces can help manage the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by helping to maintain the wrist in a neutral position. This reduces the pressure exerted on the median nerve and alleviates symptoms such as numbness and tingling.
  2. Tendonitis: Tendonitis is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, the thick fibrous cords that attach muscle to bone. The condition causes pain and tenderness just outside a joint. While it can occur in any of your body’s tendons, it’s most common around the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and heels. Tendonitis is typically caused by minor, repetitive impact on the affected area, or from a sudden more serious injury. Age also plays a role, as tendons become less elastic and more prone to injuries as we age. Wrist braces can provide relief from the discomfort of tendonitis. They can provide the necessary support and compression to the affected area, which can help in reducing inflammation and promoting the healing process.
  3. Sprains and Strains: Sprains and strains are common injuries that share similar signs and symptoms, but involve different parts of your body. A sprain is a stretching or tearing of ligaments, while a strain is a stretching or tearing of muscle or tendon. Both conditions can be caused by an acute injury or chronic overuse. According to a study by the UK-based Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, sprains and strains are some of the most common sports injuries, accounting for up to 30% of all sports-related injuries in the UK. A wrist support brace can be beneficial for managing sprains and strains as it immobilizes the injured area, providing stability and preventing further damage.
  4. Fractures: A fracture is a break in the bone which can occur in several ways, such as from high force impact or stress, or from certain medical conditions that weaken the bones, like osteoporosis. The NHS estimates that wrist fractures are among the most common broken bones, especially among children and older adults. After a fracture, a wrist support brace can be essential for recovery. It holds the bone in place, offering protection against accidental bumps that could hinder the healing process.
  5. Arthritis: Arthritis, characterized by inflammation of one or more joints, can lead to hand and wrist pain. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis is more common among females and the risk increases with age. According to Arthritis Research UK, around 10 million people in the UK suffer from arthritis. Wrist support braces can help manage arthritis symptoms by providing the necessary support and compression. This can help in reducing the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.
  6. Repetitive Strain Injury: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) results from prolonged repetitive, forceful, or awkward hand movements, causing damage to muscles, tendons, and nerves in the neck, shoulder, forearm, and hand. RSIs are common in jobs that require repetitive hand or wrist movements, such as data entry or assembly line work. Wearing a wrist support brace can help in managing RSI. It restricts the movement of the wrist, providing necessary support and preventing further injury. This can be particularly useful for those whose jobs require repetitive hand or wrist movements.

Preventive Care

Apart from treating an injury or condition, a Wrist Support Brace can also be a valuable tool in injury prevention. Whether you’re playing sports or working out at the gym, wearing a brace can provide your wrist with the stability it needs to avoid excessive force and shock. It helps maintain the correct hand and wrist positioning, preventing improper movement that can lead to sports-related injuries.

Moreover, braces can help to prevent wear and tear on your joints. This can significantly reduce the risk of developing conditions such as arthritis or worsening already existing conditions.

Introducing Our Innovative Wrist Support Brace

Now that we have a better understanding of the workings and benefits of a Wrist Support Brace, allow us to introduce our innovative new product. It offers all the essential features you need: immobilization, support, compression, and protection, to aid in your recovery. Not only that, our specially designed Wrist Support Brace stands out in terms of comfort and ease of use, ensuring that your journey to recovery is as smooth as possible.

A Solution Recommended By Medical Professionals

Our Compression Wrist Support Brace is highly recommended by medical professionals to their patients. It aids in easing and protecting against an array of injuries and conditions, including Arthritis, Joint Pain, Tendonitis, Sprains, Strains, Fractures, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and even Gout.

Increasing Circulation for Pain Relief

Designed to effectively deliver comforting compression, our brace increases blood flow to your hand. This enhanced circulation leads to fresh, oxygenated blood reaching damaged tissues, accelerating the natural healing process, reducing inflammation and swelling, and relieving aches and pain.

Stability and Protection

This product is designed to provide essential support and stabilization to your hand and wrist. It helps prevent shock, strain, and pressure from leading to further damage and injury. With your well-being in mind, it features two fully adjustable Velcro straps that wrap around your hand, allowing for easy and quick adjustments to the level of support and compression as per your needs.

Premium Material for Comfort

Made of premium, skin-friendly materials, our brace prevents chafing and rubbing, ensuring your comfort. What’s more, it also features moisture-wicking and antibacterial technology. This keeps your hand dry and comfortable, making it ideal for wearing the brace for extended periods. Its design is also beneficial for daily activities, exercise, sports, and even at night to ensure a restful sleep free from pain and discomfort.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to experience the benefits and comfort of our brace first-hand, risk-free. Encourage yourself or someone you know who might be suffering from a hand or wrist injury or pain to try our wrist support brace. We believe in our product, and we’re confident you will too!

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Compression Wrist Support Brace for Arthritis, Joint Pain, Tendonitis, Sprains & Fractures

£13.99inc VAT

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