2x Pairs of Raynauds Disease Gloves

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  • 2x Pairs of Raynauds Disease gloves (Full length) that have been specially designed to provide soothing compression and support to your hands to help prevent and ease Raynauds disease episodes when they occur
  • Sizing measure the hand underneath the thumb: (Small) 13cm-17cm, (Medium) 17cm-20cm, (Large) 20-24cm, (Extra Large 24-27cm)
  • For both Men & Women
  • Provides targeted compression that helps improve blood flow to your hands and lessen Raynauds disease episodes by treating vasospasms and stopping your blood vessels from narrowing
  • Specially designed to reduce Pain, Numbness, Pins and needles, Swelling caused by Raynauds Disease and improve hand mobility and function in the cold
  • Lightweight, breathable and made from a high quality blend of Copper nylon material with anti bacterial properties to help kill bacteria and keep your hands feeling fresher for longer whilst you wear the gloves
  • Features anti slip grips on the palms making them perfect for daily wear and carrying out your usual day to day activities
  • Makes the perfect glove liner for wearing underneath existing thermal gloves for the best and most effective remedy for stopping Raynauds disease in its tracks during the colder winter months
  • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee!

Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary for this product.

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Do you often find yourself battling with painful, sore, rigid, and frosty fingers? If so, you are not alone. Raynaud’s disease, an often misunderstood and overlooked condition, manages to keep millions of people worldwide in the grip of discomfort. While the symptoms can be painful and debilitating, you aren’t helpless; simple solutions such as compression gloves can help bring life back into your hands and fingers.

Exploring the Cold, Hard Facts about Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease, named after the French doctor who first described it, is a condition that primarily affects your blood vessels, particularly those in your fingers and toes. These vessels narrow during an episode, reducing blood flow and leading to the symptoms you experience: numbness, pain, and a change of color in your fingers or toes.

You might be asking, “Why me?” The truth is, Raynaud’s disease can affect anyone. Still, it’s more common in women and people living in colder climates. It’s not always clear why the disease develops, but some people may have a higher risk due to factors like family history, certain medical conditions, or exposure to specific substances.

Easing the Chill: How Compression Gloves Can Help

Now that we have a better understanding of Raynaud’s disease let’s talk about ways to manage its symptoms. One such way is wearing compression gloves. But how can a simple pair of gloves improve your condition?

Compression therapy, which involves wearing specially designed gloves, works by applying gentle pressure to your hands and fingers. This can help boost circulation, ensuring your extremities receive a steady supply of warm, oxygen-rich blood.

What might surprise you is just how beneficial wearing compression gloves can be. By boosting circulation, they can ease aches and pains and reduce stiffness. Improved dexterity and mobility are other positive effects, making everyday tasks easier to manage.

What’s more, wearing compression gloves could lead to fewer Raynaud’s episodes. By improving circulation and keeping your hands warm, these gloves can help prevent the blood vessels in your fingers from narrowing, which is the underlying cause of each Raynaud’s episode.

Bring Warmth Back to Your Hands with RevitaFit Raynaud’s Disease Gloves

Let us introduce you to RevitaFit, your ultimate weapon for managing the discomfort of Raynaud’s disease. Crafted to deliver soothing compression and support, they envelop your hands in a comforting embrace that helps prevent and ease Raynaud’s disease episodes. We believe in catering to unique needs, hence we offer these gloves in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. Crafted for both men and women, these gloves ensure every hand finds its perfect fit.

Say Goodbye to Discomfort

Wearing our RevitaFit gloves, you can expect a significant decrease in pain, numbness, pins and needles sensation, and swelling caused by Raynaud’s disease. We aim to restore not only warmth but also mobility and function to your hands, even in the cold.

Targeted Compression: A Game Changer

What sets our gloves apart is the targeted compression they provide. They work to stimulate blood flow in your hands, treating vasospasms, and preventing the narrowing of blood vessels. The result is a notable reduction in Raynaud’s disease episodes.

Your Companion for Everyday Activities

The gloves are made from a top-grade blend of copper nylon material, which is not only lightweight and breathable but also has antibacterial properties. With anti-slip grips on the palm, they are perfect for daily wear, allowing you to carry out your usual activities with ease.

Doubling Up on Protection

RevitaFit gloves make excellent glove liners, providing an extra layer of warmth under your existing thermal gloves. They are your best defense against Raynaud’s disease during the chilly winter months.

Our 30 day money back guarantee!

We believe in our product and stand by it with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Your comfort, satisfaction, and well-being are our priorities.

RevitaFit gloves are not just gloves; they are your partners in managing Raynaud’s disease. Let’s make freezing hands a thing of the past and embrace the warmth and flexibility that our hands deserve.

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2x Pairs of Raynauds Disease Gloves

£19.99£23.98 (-17%)inc VAT

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