• Carpal tunnel brace

    • 1x Carpal Tunnel Brace – Designed to help immobilize the wrist, correct wrist position and function to better protect and support weak and injured wrists
    • One size fits all with two secure Velcro straps that help keep the brace firmly in place
    • For both Men & Women
    • Recommended for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Sprains and strains
    • Provides soothing compression that not only helps ease pain but also boost blood flow to your hand and wrist to speed up the natural healing process
    • Features a removable metal aluminium splint that helps immobilize the hand and wrist for better injury recovery
    • Helps support and correct the alignment of injured and weakened hands and wrists improving risk function and mobility
    • Ideal for wearing whilst playing sports for extra protection against wrist injuries
    • Made from lightweight, breathable and sweat absorbent Neoprene material that will help to keep your hand and palm dry and prevents the build up of sweat and bacteria minimizing your risk of infection
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase!
    £9.99£11.99inc VAT
  • Shoulder Support Strap

    • 1x Shoulder strap designed to support and ease shoulder aches and pain
    • For both Men & Women
    • One size fits all with easy to use adjustable strap that allows you to find the right fit and compression you require
    • Ideal for easing and treating a range of different shoulder injuries including¬†frozen shoulder, Tendonitis, Rotator cuff, Bursitis, Dislocation Injury & Arthritis
    • Provides soothing compression that provide deep targeted pain relief to your shoulder joint
    • Recommended for PRICE injury recovery protocol – Helps to boost blood flow to your shoulder aiding the natural healing process of injured shoulders
    • Designed to help improve shoulder function by restricting movement which could cause damage to you shoulder
    • Made from lightweight & durable Neoprene material with moisture wicking properties to help you stay dry and sweat free
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase!
  • Orthotic Insoles for Sports & Running

    • 2x High Premium Quality Orthotic Arch Support Insoles (Left and Right foot).
    • Improves balance, stability and foot strength.
    • The perfect choice for running and sports
    • Enhances running ability through improved foot pronation.
    • Excellent Shock absorption to help better protect your feet when you run
    • Helps treat and prevent common foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.
    • Durable, lightweight and non-bulky design
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee

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