The right nutrition via eating a balanced diet is very important for development and growth. Not having the right nutrition in other words being deficient in certain vitamins and minerals (malnourished) can in fact stunt your growth. Studies of western countries average population height compared to that of countries with poor diet from either economic factors or environmental factors shows a big correlation of how what you eat can affect your height. Take for example people living in country’s struck by famine; the populations height will be considerably smaller to that of a western affluent country of which has an abundance of food, along with proper education of healthy living and sports centres or gyms to help people stay healthy.

Calcium and phosphorus are minerals that contribute to good bone health and are needed if you want to grow taller also these minerals are needed as being deficient in them at a young age can have effects like osteoporosis when you’re older.

Nutrition is fundamental for growth; essential amino acids are needed for growth and repair of cells in your body. Essential amino acids are called “essential” because of the fact that you’re body does not create them and so they can only be obtained through eating certain foods.

It isn’t just nutrition that help you get taller but also the right posture too. The right posture is key! Slouching and hunching your back will weaken the spine and make you look smaller. With a weakened spine and muscles around the spine the effect of gravity will more easily take a toll by compressing the body together.

There is something you can do however to get better posture! Stretching exercises can be done (for example Pilates and Yoga) by stretching out the spine you in effect strengthen the spine and muscles making it much harder for gravity to compress you together and thus making you taller; not only do stretching exercises help to improve posture but the space between the joints and vertebrae in your spine can also widen (because this gap is made up of cartilage that can change shape). By increasing the gap between the bones you can gain a bit of height and better posture.

But if this sound like a lot of hard work to you then you can try a pair of our shoe lifts too instantly gain height. OR you could even try out wearing our shoe lifts and doing stretching exercises for even better results.

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