New year update and new products in stock

Happy new year to everyone, we hope you are as excited about the new year as we are and this is the first blog post of the new year for Nuova Health! In this post we will briefly update you on the latest new product ranges to arrive at Nuova Health for this year.

For 2014 we will slowly bring in our new supports range of products. As you could see last year we brought in the magnetic back support to aid posture correction but now this will be joined by our knee support range. The knee supports have been brought in just in time for the winter as it is during the cold season that the knees become more painful if you have a knee condition and so these supports are designed so you can still live an active life but relieve some of the pain during these winter months. We will be looking to expand our supports range in the future so keep checking back.

Also as it is new year many of our customers will be following new years resolutions and the most popular one for many is the desire to get fit. Nuova Health have thus introduced a new range of resistance band products so you can gently work your muscles whilst following pilates or yoga style workout routines. These resistance bands are designed to be portable and easy to use, so you can workout anywhere you want to. No more expensive gym fees either.

You can look forward to further blog posts in the future where we detail different types of Yoga and Pilates exercises so you can gain the most from your resistance bands.

Whatever your goals are for the new year, lets hope that yours will be a healthy new year for you.

– The team at


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