Minor knee fracture treatment

Minor knee fractures are usually the result of limited impact falls onto the knee. For example you may have fallen from your bike but managed to steady yourself before hitting the ground thus reducing the impact or force applied to the knee. The result may be a small amount of swelling around the knee. As with all fractures to the knee we give the same advice that you should see a GP or physiotherapist in order to rule out serious knee injury complications. Minor fractures do not require surgery and can be healed over time with a dedicated rehabilitation plan.

Rehabilitation can be achieved through the limiting of physical activity. The knee can also be placed into a support or brace that will act to limit the mobility of the knee to allow the best chance of full recovery.

Nuova Health supply high quality neoprene adjustable knee supports to aid in rehabilitation. The ultra-soft neoprene is strong and comfy. The adjustable compression straps mean that you can choose the amount of compression that you need. We advise a fairly firm compression but not one that restricts blood flow to the afflicted area. Sometimes standard knee supports or braces can be too restricting therefore an adjustable one is needed to meet your individual requirements. If you are interested in these knee supports you can find them by going here.

Recovery can be aided by sitting with the knee on a raised platform. This should be done at least four times each day and aids with reducing swelling by drawing blood out of the area. Application of ice to the area for the first day can speed up recovery. This should be done every hour on the hour for a quarter of an hour. Removable braces or supports should be worn at all times and should only be removed for bathing. Bathing of the area is recommended to avoid infection. Also it is important to keep any dressings or braces and or supports clean and change them regularly to avoid bacterial infection entering the knee. Infection can complicate and prolong the recovery period.

Your physiotherapist may recommend mobility exercises to increase your range of motion. These can be done as soon as the brace is removed.

The timetable for recovery usually means that you begin working again in sedentary jobs after a week and 12 weeks for active jobs for example builders or labourers that require strength and mobility through the application of force upon the knee for example when squatting.

Sports may be resumed after 12 weeks or may need longer and up to 6 months, always ask your physiotherapist first before embarking upon sport again. Do not do any activity that increases pain in the knee area, if the knee isn’t fully recovered yet it may result in a worsening of the injury.

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