Metatarsal pads for painful metatarsalgia relief

Metatarsalgia is a painful foot condition sometimes wrongly diagnosed as plantar fasciitis or Mortons Neuroma. Metatarsalgia is associated with either a sharp or dull pain the ball of the foot. It is often described as if the sufferer is walking on the bone. Metatarsalgia can be caused by a number of conditions that affect the foot and further investigation may be needed by podiatrist to determine the exact cause of the pain.
We will briefly discuss some of the main causes of Metatarsalgia. Firstly it can be due to overuse of the metatarsal and this often occurs in athletes due to the constant impact on the area. A metatarsal pad can be worn to reduce the strain in the area due to impact.
Wearing High heeled shoes can result in painful metatarsal injuries this is because the heel being lifted diverts stress from the whole of the foot to the ball of the foot just around the metatarsal area. Imagine being on your tip toes all the time that sums up the forces being directed down to the metatarsal. Being overweight can result in extra stress on the feet. Stiff Achilles tendons can adversely affect the way pressure is distributed within the foot, it is important to stretch your muscles regularly to avoid inflexibility.
Metatarsal pads work to ease the pain by increasing the load bearing surface area underneath the forefoot thus reducing the load to the problem area afflicted by metatarsalgia. Luckily NuovaHealth stock the finest medical grade metatarsal pads designed to ease metatarsal strain, reduce inflammation and provide your feet with a well earned rest. NuovaHealth products are high quality and affordable. All our products are also come with a money back guarantee meaning if you don’t receive high quality relief, you don’t have to pay a penny.

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