How to get more confidence and get taller

Being tall and having lots of confidence seems to go hand in hand with each other… But how exactly can you get taller? Well in this article I shall be telling you exactly how!

But let me first tell you about the difference of getting taller and actually growing taller. Contrary to what many might tell you on the internet actually growing taller after a certain age is impossible.
Just after puberty has stopped your growth plates will become fused together meaning cellular growth of the bones is impossible… no matter how many “supplements” you take which may carry all sorts of bad side effects, trying to growing taller once your growth plates have fused will be in vain. But this doesn’t mean you cannot “get” taller! Here are two ideas that will help you increase your height.

–          Stretching exercises
–          Heel lifts (height increasing insoles)

Stretching exercises is first on the list but let me warn you that height increase through this method is often tedious, time consuming and hard work and there are no guaranteed results with stretching exercises.

Pilates, yoga and even sports like swimming and basketball can all help you stretch out your body and increase your height as a result! Stretching exercises work on the concept that you can expand the space between your vertebrae and joints through stretching exercises. In between the spinal vertebrae you have got cartilaginous material. This cartilages material often becomes compressed under the force of gravity reducing the space between the joints and vertebrae resulting in your being smaller (this is why you often hear people talk of how you are much taller in the morning when you wake up than you are just when you go to sleep as throughout the day gravity has squeezed and compressed your body together). It is thought by medical experts that stretching can strengthen the muscles groups surrounding the joint and vertebrae and as a result will suppresses the effects gravity has on compressing this cartilage and posture together. Stretching exercises help to improve posture making you look taller and help expand that space in-between the joints and vertebrae too.

Heel lifts can give you something stretching exercises cannot… Instant height increase! Heel lifts used to be used for correcting leg length discrepancy’s but are now more commonly used for people wanting to increase their height. Moreover because heel lifts used to be designed for leg length discrepancy, resulting in built in orthotics, means that the feet are well supported in a natural and above all comfortable position.

Heel lifts give you the means of controlling your own height whenever you want.. You can adjust the height on heel lifts using “stacks” to a height that suits you and you are comfortable with.
People don’t know about heel lifts because people just don’t know people are wearing them as they are discreetly placed in your shoes making it impossible for people to even tell that someone wearing them.

With the extra height you can gain from doing stretching height exercises and wearing heel lifts the sky’s the limit! You will feel more confident in yourself and because you will be tall people will notice you as you will be literally standing out from the crowd.

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