How do sports insoles work?

Sports insoles are extremely useful and help runners avoid common problems associated with running such as plantar fasciitis and repetitive strain injuries. These injuries come about due to the impact of your foot bouncing on the hard flat surfaces found in urban areas. Think of your weight striking the ground and an equal and opposite force going upwards from the base of your foot, this can wreck havoc on your knees, back and feet. The plantar fascia is a ligament that connects your toes to the heel; this can end up inflamed and swollen leading to debilitating heel pain. You need an insole that absorbs the shock and prevents it from travelling through your joints and ligaments and thus preventing injury. That is what sports insoles are all about – injury prevention! It is much better to avoid injury and in the long term it means you can train harder and for longer, you don’t want your progress to suddenly stop due to injury, this can lead to de-motivation and a premature stop to your athletic goals.

Nuova Health have sourced excellent quality sports insoles designed for the keen sportsman or woman. They are unisex, fit all sizes and simply just need to be cut down to the correct size in order to fit your favorite pair of trainers. They are made of shock absorbing eva, preventing forces from wrecking havoc on your poor limbs. They also come with an arch support further protecting the arch of the foot and the plantar fascia. Our sports insoles even have been designed with improved sports performance in mind and can help you to run faster. The shock absorbing eva not only absorbs the shock and protects your feet it then redirects the force away from your foot resulting in more explosive power as you run.

If this interests you then check out our store and you will find the latest sports insoles available at affordable prices.

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