Hollywood secrets for getting taller

Want to know a secret? Ever wondered why small actors appear taller in movies? Or how small models can appear tall as they strut down the catwalk? Sometimes this phenomenon can be explained away as camera trickery but not always. These models and actors know a secret that has been kept well hidden from the public until now. First they used platform boots to gain a height gain advantage but these became easy to spot. Height increasing insoles are the new tool for the Hollywood elite, a secret too that allows small models and actors to appear much taller than they really are.
On the outside nobody can tell someone is wearing height increasing insoles as they are hidden inside the shoe. The shoe remains flat but inside the shoe the heel is lifted. Imagine yourself leaning upwards on your tip toes to try and appear taller, height increasing insoles work the same way. Platform boots are sort of obvious to the naked eye because the heel is on the outside of the shoe, but because in height increasing insoles the heel is on the inside it becomes secret.
Height increasing insoles are popular amongst the rich and powerful as it is a kind of vanity tool amongst men to appear taller, more dominant and more attractive to the ladies. Height increasing insoles come in 2 forms, the first is an air cushioned insole that you insert into the shoe leading to a fixed height gain whilst the second is the gel silicone insert that fits underneath the heel. Which one you choose is purely up to personal preference and whichever you find to be more comfortable. They are both affordable and easy to wear. You have nothing to lose by purchasing a set but perhaps you have a lot to gain.

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