Height Increasing Insoles – the height gain secret of actors,models and businessmen worldwide

Have you ever wondered why some smaller Hollywood actors can be cast for tall roles in films and actually appear to be tall in those films? An example of this would be Tom Cruise (who is reported to be around 5ft 7 in height) playing the 6ft 6 Jack Reacher in his new film. This is all possible due to a mixture of camera tricks, double actors and height increasing insoles and or heel lifts.  Height increasing insoles are an extremely simple trick, you simply place them inside the shoe and they lift the heel of your foot giving you an instant increase in height and because they are hidden inside the shoe it appears that the person is taller than they really are.

Not only Height increasing insoles are being worn in Hollywood but they are also used extensively in politics and high powered business in an effort to gain an edge. Taller people do appear more dominant so by wearing height increasing insoles men can gain an edge in their careers and over other men. Another benefit is the fact that women are attracted to taller men as well. Imagine being well paid and attracting the girl of your dreams?

How much taller can height increasing insoles make you? Nuova Health sells two different types; the first is an insole that by using both layers can increase your height by up to 2 inches, secondly we have a gel heel lift which can increase your height by up to 3 inches if you stack 10 layers together. If you add all this to a boot with a small heel then you can easily gain 4 inches in total. A 4 inch height gain can be life changing. Imagine how differently people would react to you if you where 4 inches taller? Best of all this kind of height gain is instant and affordable, so what are you waiting for?

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