Do pinhole glasses work?

Pinhole glasses allow anyone with blurry version (whether that is someone who is short-sighted or long-sighted) to be able to see clearly but how do they work and do they work?

You can test the theory of pinhole glasses yourself, right now, without any special equipment. First of all make sure you are in a brightly lit room then close one of your eyes and then place your first in front of your other eye only letting in a small amount of light through a small hole between the finger nearest your thumb. Experiment with the size and the positioning of the small hole in front of your eyes and then you will be soon amazed that there is a marked improvement in your vision without having to strain your eye.

The small hole helps to focus the light thus enhancing the quality of the image you see. Pinhole glasses work on this concept using many tiny holes to build up a bigger but clearer picture.

It is thought that if the pinhole glasses help to focus the light for you without straining the eyes they may be able to help as part of an eye exercise routine to improve eyesight naturally. Some people report that wearing pinhole glasses for 15 minutes a day can cause noticeable improvement in vision within 4 weeks. If you are short-sighted then use pinhole glasses whilst watching TV and if you are long-sighted use them whilst reading. This way you can train your eyes to see clearly in these situations that cause you problems.

Obviously a lot of research needs to be done on the effects of pinhole glasses. We would advice you not to wear them whilst driving a car or operating dangerous machinery and to take care because they do limit peripheral vision. Many people have reported benefits however others have not. They are cheap and durable and worth a go as part of a wider eye care regime.  Nuova Health sell pinhole glasses and whilst we cannot make any medical guarantees – if you are not satisfied whilst using pinhole glasses you can return them after a year and get a full refund. How is that for a guarantee? Try them out and if they don’t work then return them – you have nothing to lose. Also let us know how they work for you as we want to know if they are helping people so we can work to make more people aware of any potential benefits of wearing pinhole glasses.

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