Buyers Guide: Best Computer gloves for typing

For this article we will be looking at a range of different computer gloves that you can wear to help support and ease your hands whilst you are typing on a keyboard or working with a mouse. These gloves have been designed to provide the very best compression and support to help prevent joint and muscles fatigue, ease aches and pains and improve your productivity when you are hard at work typing on a computer all day.

Does your work require you to spend long amounts of time sat at a computer typing? Do you suffer from stiffness, fatigue, aches, pains, soreness and cramps in your hands as a result? If so, then you might want to think about purchasing a pair of our specially designed computer gloves. This discomfort that you are experiencing when typing could be being caused by a number of different conditions and injuries affecting your hands such as Arthritis, Repetitive strain injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Raynaud’s Disease, Oedema, Fibromyalgia, Gout etc. Wearing a pair of our computer gloves could help. We have specially designed our gloves to compress and support your muscles, joints and tendons in the correct position to help ease strain and pressure off them. This will in turn prevent injury to them and stop them from cramping and seizing up whilst you are typing. Our gloves will even help improve the way your hands and finger’s function giving you more mobility, coordination and dexterity. All of these great features that will allow you to work for longer comfortably and pain free!

Why buy a pair of gloves from NuovaHealth? Well, all of our products have been carefully designed and vigorously tested to ensure that they provide the best possible protection, support and compression to your hands and fingers. Our gloves are also made to a very high standard using the premium medical grade materials and come with a full 30-day money back guarantee for full customer peace of mind. All orders that are made on our site are done securely through PayPal and Stripe. We also make sure to ship your order first class that same day to ensure you receive your new gloves and fast as possible. So, enough chit chat let’s get down to business…

Our pick of the best Computer typing gloves to buy:

Compression computer gloves for typing

NuovaHealth™ Computer Gloves for typing – Only £9.99

First on our list are these affordable but highly effective computer gloves for when you are doing some serious typing on your keyboard. Wearing a pair these computer gloves will help to not only ease your aches and pains when typing but will also reduce numbness and stiffness. By giving your hands more support these gloves can improve the way your they function giving you more mobility in your hands and fingers and help to protect them from wear and tear injuries. These gloves are so good that Physiotherapists have often recommended wearing them to their patients to help treat and prevent a wide range of injuries and conditions including Carpal tunnel syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Arthritis, Oedema (Swollen hands) and Raynaud’s Disease.

They have been carefully designed to support your joints in the correct position prevent excessive movement and strain from damaging them and causing injury, cramp and wear and tear. The compression that these gloves provide is second to none and will help to keep fresh oxygenated blood flowing into your hands and fingers preventing muscles fatigue when you are typing.

Made from soft rich cotton that is breathable and has antibacterial and moisture wicking properties to help keep your hands sweat free and feeling comfortable when you are working. They come in a range of different sizes to fit both men and women and can even be worn underneath thermal gloves as glove liners to give you extra protection against the cold during winter.

Raynaud's disease gloves

RevitaFit™ Copper Compression Gloves – Only £10.99

If the uncomfortable symptoms that you are experiencing in your hands and fingers when you are typing are being caused by Raynaud’s Disease, then we cannot recommend trying a pair of these RevitaFit™ Copper Compression Gloves enough! Wearing a pair of these gloves can make a huge difference at easing your pain and improving the dexterity of your fingers. They are a great option to wear when you are typing on a keyboard or for any other fiddley task that requires you to use fingers to help keep your hands and fingers comfortable and pain free!

The targeted compression that these gloves will give you will help to stimulate the blood vessels in your hands and fingers preventing them from narrowing when a Raynaud’s disease episode occurs. This will help to keep blood flowing to your hands and lessen the effects of Raynaud’s Disease symptoms (You can find out about more about Raynaud Disease and how to treat it here). These gloves are also great for other conditions that maybe affecting you’re typing such as Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Made from a special blend of copper Nylon fabric that is skin friendly these compression gloves will keep your hands comfortable. The active copper will neutralize sweat and bacteria keeping your hands feeling fresher for longer and prevent rubbing and chaffing when wearing the gloves for long periods of time.

With their lightweight, breathable and durable design and the silicone grips on the palms and fingers these compression gloves are a very practical and convenient option for people wanting to get relief and much needed support to their hands and fingers.

Magnetic compression gloves for arthritis

NuovaHealth™ Magnetic Compression Support Gloves – Only £9.99

Our Magnetic Compression Support Gloves have been ergonomically designed to provide soothing magnetic therapy, compression and essential support to your hands and fingers.

The magnetic therapy and support that these gloves give your hands and fingers will help to soothe aches and pains deep within your joints and will give you improved dexterity in your fingers for typing. If that wasn’t enough these gloves will also help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation and swelling in them by providing effective compression that targets specific joints and muscles for fast and effective pain relief.

These Magnetic gloves have also been made from a special material that absorbs Infrared rays and directs these rays into your hands helping to keep your blood vessels expanded and improve your circulation. This material will also wick moisture away from your skin and neutralize odour and bacteria to prevent rubbing and chaffing and keep your hands and fingers comfortable for long periods of time. Wearing these gloves, you will also find yourself having more a stronger and more tactile grip and the fingerless design means you can use your favourite touch screen devices without having to take the gloves off.

Raynauds Disease gloves

RevitaFit™ Full-Length Copper Compression Gloves – Only £9.99

Help keep your fingers nimble with a pair of these Full-length Compression gloves which have been designed by RevitaFit™. They are an ideal choice for people who do a lot of typing and suffer from tired aching hands and need extra support and fast effective relief.

Wearing these gloves is great option for anyone looking to increase the mobility of their hands and fingers, preventing hand cramps, fatigue, aches and pain. Physiotherapist also highly recommend people wear these gloves for both treating and preventing a wide range of hand and finger related injuries and conditions. Such as Arthritis, Oedema, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Raynaud’s Disease and gout which maybe causing you discomfort and affecting your typing and work on the computer.

The full-length design of these gloves mean that they will provide a good level of compression and support all over your hands and fingers. This support and compression that they provide will help to ease aches and pains deep within the bones and joints of your hands fingers all the while helping improve the way that they function to stop excessive strain and pressure from causing wear and tear and injury to them.

If that wasn’t good enough, you can even wear underneath your thermal gloves as glove liners when you go outside in the cold winter weather. They will help to protect your hands and keep blood flowing to them to prevent and lessen Raynaud’s Disease episodes when temperatures start to drop, and episodes become more likely.

Arthritic Gloves

NuovaHealth™ Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves – Only £9.99

Next on our list is this pair of Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves that we have purposefully created for arthritis sufferers but can be worn by anyone wanting to ease aches, pain and stiffness in their hands. They provide a good amount of support and compression to your hands and fingers which can really help stop your hands and fingers from cramping and seizing up when typing a lot on a computer.

They come in 2 different sizes to fit both men and women and are made to a very high standard. The specially designed material that these gloves have been made from will help to keep your hands dry and comfortable thank to the moisture wicking and antibacterial properties of the material. These gloves are also lightweight, soft and breathable and will prevent rubbing and chaffing allowing you to wear the gloves for long periods of time comfortably.

A number of our customers have told us how these gloves have worked for them to help treat their Arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and repetitive strain injuries to great effect.

grip compression gloves

NuovaHealth™ Compression Gloves with grips – Only £12.99

Next is this pair of Fingerless Compression Grip Gloves which have been expertly designed to improve your grip, boost the mobility of your hands and the dexterity of your fingers whilst at the same time soothe aches and pain deep within your joints and bones.

These gloves are an ideal choice for people who do a lot of typing, fiddly sewing work, gaming, and other tasks that require you to use your fingers a lot. They work by easing strain and pressure off your joints through supporting your hands and fingers in the correct position and limiting movement which can damage them and cause hand cramps, aches and pains.

The compression that they deliver will also help to stimulate blood flow to your hands which will help promote the natural healing process of damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and swelling and keep your muscles supplied with fresh oxygenated blood to stop fatigue from setting in when you are typing a lot. Thes compression gloves are a great option for people suffering from hand injuries to help improve their recovery and strengthen their hands.

These gloves have been made from soft, skin friendly cotton material that is extremely lightweight, breathable and has moisture wicking and antibacterial properties. This soft cotton will also keep your hands comfortable when wearing the gloves for long periods of time as it will prevent rubbing and chaffing. The grips that have been added to the palms and fingers of the gloves will also help to improve your grip when carrying objects.

copper wrist support sleeves

NuovaHealth™ Copper Wrist & Hand Support Sleeves – Only £11.99

If you are suffering from hand cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome or Repetitive strain injuries and need fast and effective relief then these copper hand support sleeves are for you!

Wearing a pair of these hand support sleeves whilst typing can help to improve the way your hand’s function stopping them from cramping up and preventing excessive movement from causing damage to key ligaments and tendons in them.

The specially made copper nylon fibre material that these hand support sleeves are made from will destroy bacteria and keep odour at bay preventing infections from arising and keeping your hands feeling fresh and comfortable. The soft breathable skin-friendly fabric also makes these hand support sleeves will prevent rubbing and chaffing making them perfect for wearing for long durations whilst you are hard at work on the computer or having fun whilst gaming!

It should be noted that these hand support sleeves do not cover your fingers. This means if you are looking for something to help ease your fingers then we do not suggest wearing these sleeves. Instead, we recommended taking a look at a pair of our compression gloves listed above instead.

P.s, if you have any questions regarding anything covered in this article, please feel free to leave your comment below or get in touch by emailing us at We will try to answer you queries as soon as possible which is usually within 1-2 working days.

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