The basics of growing taller

People often ask us: “Is there a way to get taller?” In this article we will discuss various ways we know can help you to grow taller.

If your growth plates have not closed yet (you are under the age of 21) then by stimulating your growth hormones you can gain more height.


Growing taller can be as easy as sleeping more. Growth Hormone levels spike during the deepest levels of sleep. Make sure to get at least 9 hours sleep a day. In order to sleep well we recommend waking up and going to bed at the same time every single day – this will help to set your circadian rhythm (think of this as a kind of clock inside your brain that determines when you wake up and when you fall to sleep.) An efficient circadian rhythm will make falling to sleep easy and you will be able to reach the deepest levels of sleep required for the highest growth hormone boost required for height gain.

Eat healthily

Eat well but eat healthily. This means eat a lot but it must be healthy food such as lean proteins, dairy, vegetables and whole grains. Cut down on trans-fatty foods and reduce alcohol consumption.

Maintain healthy levels of body fat

Eat well but not so much that you gain excess body fat. Make sure to measure bodyfat levels and keep them low. Bodyfat contains aromatose enzymes that will convert testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen has been found to help in closing the growth plates thus limiting height gain.

Exercise and stretch well

We recommend basketball and high intensity training. Basketball will help you to stretch your spine and stimulate your bones to grow whilst high intensity training will boost human growth hormone production.


We have touched on some of the basics required for growing taller from which you can conduct your own research. For those looking for instant height gain we recommend using either our height increasing insoles or gel heel lifts.

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