Back Care Awareness Week 2022 – Post Pandemic Back Care

Back Care Awareness Week is a week long campaign run by BackCare, a charity that is for those impacted by back or neck pain, the campaign starts in the first week of October (October 3rd – October 7th). Find out more about this charity here:

For this year’s Back Care Awareness Week 2022 most people will be talking about the effect that the covid-19 pandemic has had on people’s back health. In this article we will be looking at the impact the pandemic has had on people’s way of life and how this has impacted back health and how best to tackle these problems post pandemic.

Back Care Awareness Week 2022 – Post Pandemic
Has the covid-19 lockdown damaged your back?

How the lockdown has wreaked havoc on peoples back health and caused a rise in back related pain and injuries

A recent survey has shown that 49% of people are now experiencing chronic back pain compared with before the pandemic struck where the figure stood at 30%. This 19% rise is being blamed on the change in people’s daily routines and physical activity patterns during the covid-19 lockdowns. There are a number of different reasons for this increase in chronic back pain.

One of the most significant changes to people’s lives during the covid-19 lockdown was the increase of people working from home. Poor posture whilst sitting and working on your computer or laptop is one the main causes of back related problems in young adults. Lounging around at home and not sitting upright and hunching over your computer for long periods of time can place excessive pressure on your back. Overtime this pressure builds up on your spinal cord and causes misalignments which can cause pain and injuries including slipped discs and pressure on the nerves in your lower back causing sciatica. Working from home is thought to be worse for peoples back health compared to working in an office. This is thought to be because the amount of time sat in front of a computer screen without breaks can be significantly more for people working at home compared to people working in an office. Some believe that this is due to the lines of work and pleasure becoming blurred when you are working at home meaning you might spend more time on hunched over your computer without standing up for longer periods of time than you would do if you were working in an office environment.

Working from home isn’t the only thing to blame for people’s poor posture habits during the pandemic. Rates of depression have increased dramatically during the covid pandemic. Depression not only causes us to feel low and not ourselves, but it can actually affect your posture by making you feel self-conscious causing you to look down more preventing you from standing tall with confidence. This daily effect can cause a decline in your posture and have a big negative impact on your back.

It is also believed that the decrease in physical activity during the pandemic also caused back problems to develop. This lack of exercise can lead to a decrease of muscle mass of key muscles that support your spine. This in conjunction with poor posture habits developed over the pandemic can lead to a significant negative effect upon your back health.

Best products to help look after your back health:

Here at Nuovahealth for the Back Care Awareness Week 2022 we have created a list of the top products that you can use to help look after your back, treat and ease back pain and injuries and get you back to your pre-covid self! We stock a wide range of products specially designed to tackle the most common underlining causes of back pain and injuries. For example, our lower back braces will help to support your back in the correct position and realign and improve your posture putting less strain and pressure on your spine to help ease pain and prevent and treat a whole host of back injuries and conditions. All of our products come a with a full 30-day money back guarantee and our secure checkout process that uses PayPal and Stripe means no credit card of bank information is ever shared with us or stored on our servers giving you complete customer peace of mind when making your order.

Lower back brace for back awareness week 2022 to help ease back pain and improve posture post covid-19 pandemic

1. Magnetic Lower Back Brace – Only £12.49

First on our list is this Magnetic Lower Back Brace designed by the back specialists at BackReviver™. This lower back brace is designed to support your lower back in the correct position and help to improve your posture and ease strain and pressure off your spine and hips. Recommended by physiotherapists you can wear this brace to help treat and prevent a wide range of injuries and conditions including Sciatica, Slipped disc, Facet syndrome, Lumbar spinal stenosis, Degenerative disc disease, muscle strain and sprains, Arthritis and Gout. Equipped with 20 strategically placed magnets that have been designed to provide soothing magnetic therapy to your lower back to help ease aches and pains deep within your back. Made from self-heating Tourmaline inner layer this back brace will also trap your body heat to provide soothing heat therapy whilst you are wearing the brace.

Office chair back support backrest for better posture whilst working at home

2. Ergonomic Chair Support Backrest – Only £10.99

This Ergonomic chair backrest is an effective way to help improve your posture and prevent back pain and injuries from developing when are working on your computer for long periods of time. Perfect for those working from home or at the office this Chair back support is designed to prevent poor posture by realigning and correcting the position of your spine to help ease pressure off your back and prevent pain and injury. Made from lightweight breathable materials this backrest can be easily fitted onto a wide range of chairs and can be used to support your lower or upper back. The backrest also features cushioning nodes that will help to massage and stimulate your back and prevent stiffness, soreness and inflammation.

Posture support back for Men & Women to improve posture and ease back pain

3. Magnetic Posture Support Back Brace – Only £15.99

This Magnetic Posture Support Back Brace has been specially designed to improve your overall posture by supporting your spine in the correct position. Made from lightweight, breathable and non-bulky materials this back brace is an ideal choice for wearing discreetly underneath your clothing to help make yourself stand taller with more confidence and better posture. Wearing this back brace will help to stop you from succumbing to bad posture habits such as hunching forward, slouching and pushing your neck or shoulders forward. This makes this back brace the perfect choice for injury rehabilitation and for treating and preventing a wide range of back injuries and problems including Slipped disc, Sciatica, spondylolisthesis Muscle or Ligament strain, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. The strategically placed magnets built into the back brace will also provide targeted magnetic therapy to soothe aches and pains deep within your upper and lower back by drawing blood to the muscle.

Posture corrector

4. Back Support Posture Corrector – Only £9.99

This simple yet effective posture corrector will help prevent bad posture habits and prevent strain and pressure from damaging your back. Recommended by physiotherapists this posture corrector will prevent common posture problems such as sway back, thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis, rounded shoulders, slouching and forward head. Made from lightweight and breathable materials this posture corrector can be worn by discreetly underneath your clothing and can be fully adjusted using the secure straps to help you get the right support and compression that you need quickly and easily.

Fully adjustable Men's and women's Back support brace for lower back pain

5. Back Support Belt For Lower Back Pain – Only £16.99

This fully adjustable lower back support belt for men and women has been designed to provide support and compression to your lower back. Featuring support splints that place your lower back and hips in the correct position, wearing this back support belt can help to ease strain and pressure off your back and help protect your back from injury and ease pain. The soothing compression that this belt provides will also help to increase blood flow to your lower back and hips helping to reduce stiffness, soreness, inflammation and swelling and promote healing by supplying damaged tissue with fresh oxygenated blood. This is why this back support belt is widely recommended for people suffering from a wide range of different injuries and conditions including Sciatica, Slipped discs, Herniated discs, Degenerative disc disease, Facet syndrome, Lumbar spinal stenosis, Scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, Muscle or ligament strain as well as Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

Shoulder posture brace worn by a women

6. Shoulder Posture Brace – Only £12.99

Designed to ease tension and pressure off your shoulders, upper back and neck this Shoulder Posture Brace is a solution for men and women suffering from upper back pain and injuries. Helps stop common causes of bad posture, back pain and injuries by preventing rounded shoulders, slouching and hunching forward. Made from lightweight breathable materials, many of our customers use this brace to help improve and protect their posture whilst exercising and playing sports.

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