Arthritis gloves reduce pain and inflammation

The main cause of arthritis is when the joints swell and become inflamed this causes pain in the joints and in severe cases people cannot get on with their lives because of the pain. Some people actually use arthritis gloves in an effort to help relieve this pain. Arthritis gloves are specially designed to help relieve the pain that is caused by arthritis by decreasing the inflammation of the affected joints.

The most common place people get arthritis is in the hands. Arthritis gloves use the principles of compression and heat to help ease the pain and inflammation of the joints in the hands.

Infrared rays arthritis gloves (made with bio ceramic material which allows the gloves to absorb the infrared rays; this material is flexible and doesn’t restrict movement in the hands and fingers) the way these gloves work is that when the gloves absorb the infrared rays they will then reach the skin that surrounds the effected joints this then causes the blood vessels around the area to expand which increases circulation and reduces pain caused by arthritis.

Another type of arthritis gloves are “Thermal” gloves which work by keeping heat inside the glove, thus this in effect will reduce pain; another feature of these gloves is that they help to stop your skin from sweating which can aggravate arthritis.

Finally another type of arthritis gloves work by supporting the bones and joints making sure that they are well enough spaced apart which helps with mobility in your hands and helps stop irritation and pain caused from inflammation too.

Whilst you should keep in mind if you choose to buy a pair of arthritis gloves is how they fit on your hand. Make sure that the gloves are comfortable. The fitting of the gloves must be tight enough to help support the joints and hand but not too tight to stop circulation. Good circulation is needed for providing tissues with nutrients and oxygen they need.

It is not good to sweat whilst wearing the gloves so make sure that the gloves allow for your hands to breathe. Arthritis gloves will:

–          help to improve the circulation in your hands

–          reduce inflammation and swelling

–          relieve pain caused by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome

Arthritis gloves are a much better alternative to treating arthritis than medication as medication only masks the symptoms whereas arthritis gloves help to give back mobility to your hands and reduce inflammation caused by the disease.

A pair of the gloves is a simple to use and something you should try for yourself if you suffer from this painful condition.

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