Anterior cruciate ligament knee injury

ACL stands for the anterior cruciate ligament which is found in your knee joint. It is quite easy and common for this ligament to become damaged and tear, there is an increased risk of this in sports and physical activities that require the person to quickly turn and change direction, another possible cause is if a person jumps but lands on a bent knees and then quickly twisting or another possible cause is when somebody jumps and lands on an extended knee. In sports like rugby incidents of ACL knee injury’s is very common as collision with the knee can cause damage and tears and even simply avoiding over player can cause sudden twists and changes in direction and like I said before this is a very likely cause of ACL knee injuries.

Knee braces are a very good way of treating ACL knee injuries, however in some cases this cannot be enough and surgery is needed to reconstruct the ligament and help improve mobility back into the knee, untreated ACL knee injuries can cause knee arthritis.

There a few symptoms to look out for

If you can feel a snap in your knee when bending it

Pain in the knee

A swollen knee

An unstable knee

These are just a few symptoms of an ACL knee injury if you believe that you are suffering from this or any other kind of knee injury it is advised to go see your doctor for diagnosis.

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