5 tempting reasons to invest in a good pair of Height Increasing Insoles

1)      Great for dating success. Everyone knows that girls are attracted to tall men, height increasing insoles give you a secret ‘lift’ over the competition. Imagine walking into a room 2 inches taller than you would be normally. How much dominant would you be? How attractive would you feel? Do you think it will be easier to walk over to that girl you have your eye on and introduce yourself?

2)      Increase your social circle and gain attention. Taller men are usually at the centre of the social circle, other people gravitate towards those that are more dominant than they are. Tallness can be interpreted as dominance. Wear our height increasing insoles and become the life and sole (pun intended?) of the party.

3)      Those extra 2 inches are also great for achieving career success. In studies it has been found that taller men are more likely to be promoted. Being taller gives you an air of dominance that translates well into the workplace thus giving your words extra weight in the boardroom.

4)      Earn more money. Career success and promotion translates well into pay rises and more money in your back pocket. Our height increasing insoles almost pay for themselves!

5)      Height Increasing Insoles are completely discreet meaning no-one will ever know your little secret.

If you want to try out a pair of height increasing insoles simply head over to our store. They are easily affordable and great fun to wear. Adjustable to the height you require, comfortable and safe to wear. If in the unlikely event you are not happy with your purchase then simply return it within a year and we will give you your money back – guaranteed no questions asked. You have nothing to lose but perhaps a lot to gain.

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